Benefits of Shaving & How to Shave

Benefits of Shaving & How to Shave

Hi guys,

If you remember some time back I did a post on shaving myths, see HERE. So today I thought of sharing the benefits of shaving and the correct method of shaving.

Benefits of Shaving & How to Shave, Gillette Venus India

Let’s begin with the benefits of shaving:

  • Economical : It has to be the most economical method of hair removal. While waxing requires help usually and the charges range from Rs. 500-1000 for hands/legs etc., depending on the body parts and type of wax and from where/whom you get it done, shaving can be done at the comfort of your home yourself and one gift pack worth Rs.550/- will last you ages as it comes with changeable cartridges
  • Time saving : You need not visit a salon or need any appointments for shaving. You can do it anytime, anywhere. All you will need is your razor and shaving gel.
  • Easy and quick : It’s also the quickest method of hair removal. This is the biggest benefit in my opinion 😀 I am always running late and I am most of the times in knee length dresses/midi skirts, I bless my Gillette Venus during that time :p It’s like a savior, I finish shaving in 5 minutes literally.
  • Painless : Well yes ladies, it is completely painless! While waxing and epilation give me huge red bumps which take 2-3 days to subside, shaving seems like a blessing in comparision.
  • Travel friendly : I always carry my razor when I am going on a 9-10 days holiday/vacation. With my razor with me, I can wear whatever I want to! Yes, you can carry an epilator too, but a razor is much smaller and lighter in comparision. And as explained above, easy, quick and painless coz you got no time on a vacation to sit and epilate! Always prefer a razor over an epilator

While there are number of benefits of shaving, the only con would be that you have to shave once in 5-7 days depending on your hair growth. But I think that is totally doable considering the benefits and how quick it is.

Benefits of Shaving & How to Shave, Gillette Venus India

Now, let’s come to the correct method of shaving. I know a lot of girls have dryness, itchiness, ingrown hair, etc. after shaving, if you follow this method step by step, I assure you that there will be no such problems.

1. Exfoliate your body/parts where you want to shave a day prior using a body scrub/loofah/bath gloves.

2. Moisturize your skin beforehand. Never start shaving on dry skin

3. Soak the skin for 1-2 minutes in the shower before starting to shave. But do not let the skin soak in the bath for too long as the water will plump up the skin and that may affect the smoothness of shave.

4. Always use a shaving gel. The Satin Care shave gel is meant for sensitive skin and has aloe vera. It not only keeps the skin moisturized and give a super smooth shave, it also soothes the skin coz of the aloe.

5. Clean the razor well, in between each part.

6. Wash off, pat dry and use a rich, moisturizing body butter/body lotion. If it has Retinol, that would be even better!

7. Keep moisturizing for 2-3 days

That’s it. If you follow this exact method, there will never be any dryness or itchiness.

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How do you shave? Do you follow this method?

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