Busting Shaving Myths – Part 2

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Busting Shaving Myths – Part 2 Hi guys, If you remember I had previously done a post  busting shaving myths, read HERE So today I am busting another shaving myth. Myth 2: Shaving leaves skin dry and flaky Shaving is a form of mild exfoliation as it removes the top layer of dead skin cells […]

Makeup Geek Review & Swatches

Huge Makeup Geek Haul: How to Buy, Prices, Shipping, etc.

Makeup Geek Review & Swatches Hi guys, If you remember my huge Makeup Geek Haul (if not, check HERE), I am doing an updated post on the review of all products with swatches. Starting with the Sparklers, these are loose glitter pigments. A sparkle beyond compare, Makeup Geek Sparklers go where no cosmetics company has […]