Top 5 Felt tip/Pen tip Eyeliners in India, Prices, Buy Online

Top 5 Felt tip/Pen tip Eyeliners in India, Prices, Buy Online

By Simran

“You have to be calm, cool and collected around liquid eyeliners, because it can sense fear”

Hello everyone!

Let us all look back to the days when we couldn’t even draw a straight line on our eyes, and look at us all, we have mostly got so fierce with our eye liners. I find that an eyeliner adds a quick spark on the face and levels up your makeup game altogether. And, if you haven’t mastered the art of perfecting your eyeliner, worry not; that’s what felt tip or pen tip eyeliners are for. They help you create the perfect line even if you’re a bit too shaky or just a newbie in the eyeliner game.

Liquid liners can be a bit too messy if you’re a newbie and they provide no control over the applicator. I never started with felt tip eyeliners, honestly, i just jumped straight into a liquid eyeliner and by trial and error, i learnt on my own.

Felt tip liners help you create the most perfect lines and sharp wings, the only con being, they usually dry out pretty quickly. So, here’s my Top 5 felt tip/pen tip eyeliners to help you create that perfect wing:

Top 5 Felt tip/Pen tip Eyeliners in India, Prices, Buy Online, Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

1. Maybelline The Colossal Liner (Price: Rs. 425/-) (Review HERE) (BUY HERE for 340)

Maybelline The Colossal Liner Black Review and Swatches,Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

This has to be my most favourite eyeliner out of all the eyeliners mentioned here. It claims to be the perfect antidote to your eye liner woes, smudge-free with quick-dry formula ensuring long-lasting bold application. Fade-proof, lasting up to 12-hours long. It comes with a 0.4 mm Flexi Tip Applicator which enables error-free and quick application. Its empowered with Ink-pigment technology providing stunning, defining lines as well as intense colour. Initially, i hated this eyeliner since it didn’t use to last more than 2-3 hours or so; not like any felt lip lasts long but this one disappointed me at first. Then, i just tried using it after days by patting powder on my lids first and the results were magical. This liner lasted me for more than 8 hours and gave me really sharp lines. It is a must have if you want precise, bold, black and long lasting eyeliner.

2. Colorbar Ultimate Eye Liner (Price: Rs. 550/-) (BUY HERE for 512)

Top 5 Felt tip/Pen tip Eyeliners in India, Prices, Buy Online, Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

It claims to be highly pigmented giving an intense look. It is waterproof and stays on for long hours, without smudging or bleeding and you can also play around with the look you want to wear. This liner gives you the blackest lines and is completely smudge free. It lasted me a good 6 hours. It doesn’t come off easily until you actually use a makeup remover. It is worth a buy if you want an eyeliner for an all day usage.

3. Lotus Herbals Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner (Price: Rs. 725/-) (BUY HERE for 690)

Top 5 Felt tip/Pen tip Eyeliners in India, Prices, Buy Online, Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

I bought this eyeliner after hearing bloggers and youtubers rave about, and i finished it pretty quickly since it just is so good. It claims to give proper holding position for comfortable application. Buttery soft texture glides over waterline effortlessly. It does not feel heavy. Stays on eyes for long time. I love the way the product is packaged, it helps you have a grip and control over what you’re doing. It gives bold black lines and the tip is perfect for even creating a thin line. The only con is the pricing which i find is a lot to spend on a felt tip liner which is barely 0.4ml. A must have for anyone who is new to the eyeliner world. It’s a dupe of the Sephora Curved Liquid Eyeliner.

4. Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner (Price: Rs. 425/-) (Review HERE) (BUY HERE for 361)

Can we all just agree that Maybelline makes the best and affordable products? It claims to be waterproof, does not flake and can be used on the inner rim. The carbon black colour and defined finish will add an instant drama to your eyes. With its precision-tip foam applicator, this innovative sweat resistant formula delivers vibrant wear with no feathering, flaking, or fading. This liner gives you really precise and thin lines, it stays for upto 5-6 hours and is pretty sturdy so you can carry it around wherever you go. If you need a liner for creating the subtle thin lines, just buy this liner without a second thought.

5. Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner (Price: Rs. 425/-) (BUY HERE)

Top 5 Felt tip/Pen tip Eyeliners in India, Prices, Buy Online, Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

This company has been there forever, our mothers used its products, so you just know it is trustworthy. It claims to have a quick dry, long lasting, smudge-free formula that just doesn’t smear. This eyeliner will highlight the beautiful shape of your eyes. It comes with an easy-to-apply applicator which is in a pen-type design, making it simple for you to define the contours of your eyes, to give you the desired look in one stroke. This liner is yet again bold, black and provides you perfect control over the lines you create. You can create anything from a subtle thin line to a bold winged eyeliner. It lasts up to 6 hours and is smudge free. It is Lakme, just trust it and buy it. do i need to say anymore?

Editor’s Note: I absolutely love this list Simran. Maybelline Hypersharp was my favourite untill they launched the Colossal Liner. Now I only use Maybelline The Colossal Liner. My recent discovery which is really nice and I would like to add in this list as the 6th one is the PAC Cosmetics Liquid Liner Pen.

Which is your favourite liquid felt tip eyeliner?

  • I love Maybelline Hypersharp liner. It helps me achieve the thinnest lines.