Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss Review, Swatches

Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss 80 Gleaming Grenadine Review, Swatches

I had mentioned about the Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Gloss long back HERE..By now I guess many of you must have tried this..I am sorry for the late are my two cents on it..

What the Company claims: Maybelline’s Color Sensational High Shine Gloss is the perfect product to add a pop of shine and color to your lips this summer. With its wax free formula, the product gives you a crystal clear base that provides the purest colour and an untouched shine that is never hazy or muddy. The lip gloss is comfortable on the lips and contours them beautifully without any difficulty. If you’re not at ease wearing a gloss because they are sticky, the sassy Shine in Maybelline’s Color Sensational High Shine Gloss will give you many reasons to wear one.

Don’t just go for it because we’re telling you! Buy it because you will love it!
• More Vibrant Color from pure liquid pigments
• Cleaner Shine from Maybelline’s 100% wax-free gloss
• Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar
• Go gutsy with 8 arresting shades
• Easily contours around lips

For Best Results
Step 1: Use the wand to apply starting in the center of your upper lip
Step 2: Work from the center to outer edges of your lips, following the contour
Step 3: Then glide across the entire bottom lip

Get desirous for stunning colours embellishing your lips because the Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Glosses what you want to wear when you pout this summer!

DSC06071 zps43ce9ccc 300x138 Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss Review, Swatches

MRP: Rs.350/- 

Shades Available:

  • Gleaming Grenadine
  • Raspberry Reflections
  • Captivating Coral
  • Mirrored Mauve
  • Glisten up Pink
  • Plum Luster
  • Electric Shock
  • One Shine Day
DSC06072 zps777c946e 300x143 Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss Review, Swatches

Today I am reviewing 80 Gleaming comes in a transparent long square packaging with a silver cap..almost like the normal Colorsensational glosses..

It has a flat tip applicator..does not mess much..easy to use..

DSC06074 zpsb4cf1b6d 300x237 Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss Review, Swatches
Gleaming Grenadine is a true glossy red without any shimmer..with slight cool undertones..

DSC06076 zps7241713d 300x231 Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss Review, Swatches

Here is it on me..

DSC06080 zps5c419196 300x248 Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss Review, Swatches


1. Super glossy and shiny.
2. Quiet pigmented.
3. Non Sticky.
4. Economically priced.
5. Travel friendly.
6. A mix of shimmer and non shimmer shades.
7. Stays well for a gloss.
8. Creamy and moisturising.


1. I would like more shades..esp non shimmer.

Overall I quiet like these..and these are easily available, well priced with good pigmentation and high shine as claimed..I have one non shimmer and one shimmer shade..would review that too..I like the non shimmer more..and would have loved more of those shades in this range. I am trying the Mirrored Mauve next..


Quality: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Availability: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Would I buy it again: Yes

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image001 10  300x216 Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss Review, Swatches

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Have you tried the Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Gloss ? Which is your favorite ?

  • rakhshanda

    Very pretty shade dear <3

  • Paritashah26

    very glossy and looks highly pigmented as well!

  • bhumika_t

    It sure is..

  • bhumika_t

    It is Pari..have you tried any of these ?

  • Paritashah26

    not yet dear..m not a big fan of lip glosses :)

  • coralcrue

    I prefer non shimmer shades just like this one. it’s nicely pigmented too.

  • bhumika_t

    Oh ok..I love glosses.. :D

  • bhumika_t

    Me too..or some very very refined shimmer like in Deborah Milano High Shine Gloss..

  • Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters

    I like the shade a lott.. bt for red I would better go for liippeess!!

  • bhumika_t

    Ya but its good for someone who is scared of red and wants to try na..and can be topped too since matte lippies are sometimes drying..

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