Laser Vs. Waxing- Kaya Skin Clinic

Laser Vs. Waxing- Kaya Skin Clinic

I had attended a meet by Kaya a few days back..where we were explained everything about laser..the in depth technical knowledge by Dr.Narmada..the two types of technology used..ND YAG and Diode..and the benefits of laser hair removal over waxing..
I also got a small patch test done..and it did not hurt at all..felt just like someone pinching..

Here is the official press release..

Laser Vs. Waxing- Kaya Skin Clinic

Not just hair-free skin, its SATIN SMOOTH SKIN this Summer

Benefits of laser hair free reduction will make you say NO to waxing

100,000 women at Kaya have said NO to waxing, enjoying the freedom of hair-free, satin smooth skin with Kaya’s Permanent Hair Reduction! This summer, we want you to join these women and enjoy the freedom of wearing summer outfits every day without having to bother about your pending waxing appointment, awkward hair-growth after shaving or dark patches caused by hair removal creams.

Kaya Skin Clinic, segment pioneers & experts in the Indian market brought about a revolution of freedom from hair for discerning Indian women.

Kaya HairFree is a permanent laser hair reduction service, which reduces the number and thickness of unwanted hair. Laser Hair Reduction services provided by Kaya, uses US FDA approved ND YAG laser technology that has been certified to be highly safe for Indian skin. Absorbed by the dark colour (melanin) of the hair, the laser beam safely targets the hair follicles without causing any harm to the surrounding skin, in turn reducing your hair from the roots and preventing further growth.

With the expertise & success of a decade, Dr. Narmada Matang, Head Medical Operations, Kaya Ltd. demystifies this revolutionary service and talks about the benefits of Laser hair reduction over other methods of hair removal.

  • Convenience: Kaya Hairfree is a more convenient & less time consuming method over waxing. Each underarm session for instance, takes not more than 5 minutes
  • Hair reduction: This treatment can reduce number of hair by a whopping 70-90% in just 5 sessions. A quick comparison with waxing shows that it takes decades of sessions for hair growth to be reduced, and by a rather minuscule percentage
  • In-grown Hair:Waxing rips the hair out of the roots to give you the desired hair-free skin. Although, the hair is left with a tip often below the skin, which starts to grow inwards. Kaya Hairfree addresses in-growth problem by permanently putting a stop to hair growth. Infection if any, caused due to wax could also be treated through this process in quick sessions
  • Less discoloration and scarring: As a result of ingrown hairs and irritation or itching after shaving/waxing, many women develop discoloration called post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. With the permanent reduction of hair by Kaya Hairfree most of the discoloration goes away, leaving your skin flawless and scar-free
  • Softer, smoother skin: Most women state that their legs feel stubbly only 2-3 days after shaving and after a few more days post waxing. Laser hair reduction on the other hand, results in softer, smoother skin after each treatment. The small percentage of hair that remains is treated into turning thinner, and lighter in colour.
  • Skin Infections: Waxing can also lead to skin infections if not supervised whereas Kaya Hairfree is done under a dermatologist’s supervision

Kaya Skin Clinic has been the preferred beauty soul mate of women for a decade and urges you to follow your heart and BE READY to enjoy that summer bliss like never before!

This summers..they are offering one session of underarms lasik at the cost of waxing.. To help you win the dare of going sleeveless for this summer and all other seasons, Kaya invites you for a session of their revolutionary Permanent Laser Hair Reduction service at the cost of waxing. You can avail of this limited period offer in the months of May and June to get freedom from unwanted underarm hair forever. To add to the excitement, you could also choose to avail of the remaining 6 session package at a 40% discount!

So rush to your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic..