Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach Review

Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach Review

Hi guys,

Summers are at it’s peak right now, as it’s May, the hottest month in India. And we all face a lot of skin problems in summers. Let’s talk a bit about that..

Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach Review

Skin problems we face in summers

The scorching summer heat, dust, pollution, stress and our lifestyle impact the oxygen levels in our skin. That brings along a lot of skin issues like

  • Dull Skin
  • Uneven Skin tone
  • Dead Skin Cells
  • Sun Tan
  • Dark Spots

Today I am reviewing the new Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach. I am not someone who bleaches regularly, I was a little wary of bleaching and used to do it occasionally. I met Dr. Rashmi Shetty at an event and asked her about bleaching, if it is bad for the skin, and to my surprise, she said not at all. She said you just need to add moisture and hydration to the skin, if you take care of it, then bleaching does no harm.

Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach Review

So I am quite confident about bleaching now. I have used the Oxylife bleach previously, but not this new variant and I thought of giving this a try.

Claims and Features of Oxylife Natural Radiance Creme Bleach: Gone are those days when bleaching caused a row of sirens blazing in your head. With Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach, your skin will feel pampered like a queen.

  • Enriched with active oxygen and post bleach skin radiance serum, here’s a bleach wonder that will make your life easy
  • Helps in eliminating dark spots
  • Helps even skin tone and remove sun tan
  • Helps repair dull skin and cleanses dead skin cells
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach has patented German Technology – Oxysphere, which enables Pure Oxygen molecules to be penetrated inside the skin, giving it pure boost of Oxygen, leaving it naturally radiant.

It is also enriched with Vitamin E and Glycerin to help condition, brighten and nourish the skin and help solve 5 skin problems to give a naturally radiant looking skin.

Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach Review

MRP: Rs.35/- for 9g (one time use), Rs.80/- for 27g (3 uses)

Benefits of Bleaching

Bleaching helps add oxygen to the skin, making it brighter and helps in evening out skin tone and fading acne spots, etc. It also helps remove dead skin cells and repair dull skin, making it look more vivid and glowing. If you are targeting to eliminate acne scars and spots, you should do it regularly. Bleach can be used every 21 days.

Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach Review

How to use:

Oxylife is widely used in salons, and anytime I happen to go and ask them which bleach do they use, majorly it’s always Oxylife.

It comes with the creme bleach, powder activator, spatula, post bleach serum and an instructions manual. The creme bleach and powder activator is to be mixed in the ratio of 7:1. If you are not sure of the measurements, you can buy the one time use pack and mix both in the quantity given.

I have the 3 time use pack with me, and if you follow me on Snapchat, you must have already seen me using this.

You can mix the creme and powder in the dish that comes in the creme tub. Mix it well till the powder dissolves.

Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach Review

Steps of application:

  • Remove all makeup with a makeup remover and wash your face.
  • Pat dry with a tissue/paper towel.
  • Apply the bleach first on the Y zone i.e. the neckline, jaw and chin
  • Then on the the T zone i.e. the forehead, upper lip and nose
  • And in the last 5 minutes on the C zone i.e. the cheeks
  • Avoid eyes, lips, eyebrows completely. Keep it on for 10 minutes if you have deep skin, 15 minutes for wheatish skin and a little bit longer if you have fair skin.

I kept it for 10-15 minutes and washed it with normal water. I saw an immediate difference on my skin! Skin was more even toned and clear looking. The tan was all gone, and there was a fresh glow to the face.

It also works on dark spots, but with regular use, once every 21 days.

Few Pointers:

  • A patch test is recommended for first-time users.
  • Cleanse the skin well and pat dry, before use.
  • Creme Bleach and the activator powder should be used in the ratio of 7:1, Mix the crème bleach and powder activator for 2 minutes with the spatula provided till powder activator completely dissolves.
  • Apply the mixture on the area to be bleached.
  • Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes.
  • Wash off the application with water and Apply the post-bleach serum.
  • Bleach should be used once in every 21 days
  • Do not use soap/face wash for 5 hours after bleach.
  • Avoid going into sunlight immediately.

Why Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach

It comes with the post bleach skin radiance serum that is very moisturizing. I can feel the glycerin in the serum and it hydrated the skin well. I do not use anything else on my face for about 12-15 hours and avoid going out. I would recommend bleaching in the evening, so that you can skip direct exposure to sunlight.

I love the fact that this is ammonia free. Whenever you bleach, go for ammonia free bleach only. My eyes get irritated and water a lot during bleach, and I was surprised that this did not irritate my eyes at all.

It fights all skin problems that come along with sun exposure, stress and pollution and gives a healthy looking radiant and glowing skin! Skin gets more oxygen, and it repairs dull skin and helps in fading acne scars/spots.

It comes in different sizes,  the one time use pack is perfect for travel too.

Overall, I am really happy with the results. It does what it claims, and I highly recommend trying this out.

Read more about Oxylife at www.oxygenforskin.com and check out their facebook page HERE

Have you tried the Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach yet?