Facial Hair Removal | How & Why I Shave + Demo | Dermaplaning

Facial Hair Removal | How & Why I Shave + Demo | Dermaplaning

Hi guys,

Today I am talking about facial hair removal, facial shaving in particular. I have been doing it since 2.5 months now, this video is pre recorded.

Basically dermatologists do dermaplaning using their hi end tools, but it is nothing but shaving. And you can even shave using these regular facial razors.

But do not ever use the body razor on the face, the facial razor is supposed to be blunt because the facial skin is 10x thinner and softer than body skin.

Facial Hair Removal | How & Why I Shave + Demo | Dermaplaning

You get these travel friendly, handy razors in a pack of 3 and 4. One blade lasts about 2-3 months and the whole pack comes for 250-300 which makes it very economical.

MRP: Rs.315/- (Buy HERE)

I used to thread regularly, especially eye brows and upper lips. I haven’t done it since 3-4 months now, thanks to this razor! I am so happy with the results, all it takes is 5 minutes in a week and I am sorted.

It will not make your hair grow thicker or darker and you will not get a beard, the hair growth is very normal and you will not feel any difference in hair growth or thickness, but just that you will have to continue doing it once a week.

I am personally very happy with the results, as it removes dead skin cells and makes the skin more smooth, also helping in penetration of skin care products. The makeup goes on smoother and the whole face looks neat.

I am a convert, and I am not going to get threading done again. My eye brows used to always get threaded thinner, and now I just have to shave few extra hair and I am sorted. I prefer my eye brows natural and thick, and now I can have them the way I like.

I highly recommend trying out shaving, more details in the video. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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