Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

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As you all know I shave and I am a huge fan of the Gillette Venus, I have covered shaving and Gillette Venus many times on the blog, review HERE.

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

Gillette Venus has recently launched a new razor ‘Breeze’. Most of you would be knowing about this as it’s everywhere on Instagram 😀

Claims: Now smooth skin is just a shave away! The all new Gillette Venus Breeze razor for women is the secret to a time saving shave. It is built with flexible shave gel bars and contains rich body butters for a light lather. A smooth glide that makes no need for separate shave gel or soap.

  • 3 Spring-mounted blades with telomer coating with shower storage.
  • Gives a smooth and silky shave
  • This razor is gentle on skin
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry

MRP: Rs.299/-

Pack of 2 cartridges: Rs. 350/-

It is available online on Amazon and Nykaa.


Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

The razor comes in this purple and blue box with the body and razor head separate. You just need to attach the two and it’s ready for use.

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

The razor itself has a pretty purple colour and looks quite good. The body has ergonomic grip so that the razor doesn’t slide off even for in shower use.

The USP of this razor are the two soap gel bars on the top and bottom of the razor head. They have a floral freesia scent which is quite nice. You don’t need a separate shaving gel with this razor, you just need to wet the razor or the skin and directly shave. The soap gel bars produce a soft lather and they also have moisturizing butters (Olive, Avocado, Kokum) which makes the razor shave smoothly, leaving the skin moisturized. There would no dryness whatsoever.

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

The 3 blades are quite sharp and nice, and it gives a smooth shave. Since it is shaving gel and razor both in 1, it’s a 2 in 1 product giving One Step Smooth Skin.

I often experience itchiness after shaving if I don’t moisturize my skin well with a rich body lotion/butter. But from the time I have started using Breeze, there has been no itchiness at all. I even skipped moisturizing once and nope, no itching.

I am absolutely in love with this razor as it makes the process even quicker, skipping the shaving gel part. Also this makes it perfect for travel as you do not have to carry a shaving gel separately now.

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

When the soap gel bars are completely used or the lubrastrip fades, you just need to change the cartridge/razor head which you can buy separately as a pack of two. So the body will last you for a really, long time. Very economical.

Only con would be I wish it came with a plastic cover, so that it is convenient to store and travel with. As the gel bars get moist after use, they become a little sticky and you have to store the razor vertically and dry.

Other than that, it is just perfect. I would highly recommend trying the new Gillette Venus Breeze if you haven’t yet.

Have you tried the new Gillette Venus Breeze? Your thoughts?

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