Shaving vs. Other Methods of Hair Removal

Shaving vs. Other Methods of Hair Removal

Hi guys,

If you have been following my blog since quite some time now, you know how I am a fan of shaving and I have done quite a few posts on the correct method of shaving and on Gillette Venus razor in particular. I absolutely love it and I feel it’s one of the best razors in India currently.

A lot of you ask me why shaving, why not waxing or hair removal creams or any other method. So today I am discussing the pros and cons of all methods of hair removal and why I prefer shaving against all of those.

Shaving vs. Waxing

The most common question and the most frequently asked. The only advantage of waxing is you need to do it once in a month as the hair is uprooted from the roots and it takes time to grow back. And that also is the only disadvantage of shaving that it needs to be done once in 5-6 days. But other than this, everything else in favour of shaving. Shaving can be done anytime, anywhere and you don’t need any appointment at salon or anyone’s help in shaving. It is also much more economical and the main thing is shaving is painless! Waxing is very painful, the heat plus the pulling of hair from the roots is not easy to bear. Especially if you have sensitive skin like me, I get huge red bumps and they stay for 2 days and itch a lot! The white hair follicles from the roots come out from the pores of my skin each time and if I don’t use an astringent to close my pores, I get pus filled painful bumps from waxing and epilating. I am so thankful to be away from all that, shaving has literally changed my life (skin!)

Shaving vs. Epilating

Now the 2nd advantage of shaving was it can be done anytime, anywhere and on your own. Same goes for epilation. But the same disadvantage of uprooting hair from the roots applied to epilating too. It is again very painful and you have to do one area at a time, hence it is time consuming plus epilator covers less area and you have to bear the pain for a much longer time. I get red bumps and itchiness with epilating too, thanks to my sensitive skin. I have hardly epilated a few times in my life and it has been painful. It takes a lot of time for your body and skin to get used to epilation.

Shaving vs. Hair Removal Creams

Hair Removal creams seem like a convenient option on the face of it, but they are the worst in my opinion. I couldn’t wax due to my sensitive skin for almost 2-3 years and I used hair removal creams as I had not started shaving then. This was years ago when I was in college. I still repent that decision, the chemicals in hair removal creams are not very good for the skin and they also darken the skin. Again it’s temporary and the hair grows back in 5-6 days and you have to keep on using those creams, in turn harming the skin.

Shaving vs. Laser

Now laser is permanent and we all would love the permanent option. But it is laser hair reduction and not laser hair removal. Your hair don’t stop growing at all, they just reduce in number plus the growth process is slower. Biggest disadvantage, laser is super expensive! And you need 6-8 minimum laser sessions plus lifetime maintenance sessions. Each session should have a gap of at least a month and 2 months towards the end sessions for the hair to grow. So again it’s time consuming. Also it is painful too, as each hair follicle is burnt with the laser light.

Biggest advantage of shaving compared to all of these methods of hair removal is, it is painless! Also it is the most economical, one razor lasts you forever, you just need to buy new cartridges.

So if you compare all methods of hair removal in a crux, shaving wins hands down! Currently I have got a fracture on my right leg and I can’t go anywhere. I can’t have hairy legs as I have to show my legs to the doctors for swelling, etc. all the time and also I am pretty much in shorts as it’s more convenient and there are no chances of tripping. My Gillette Venus razor has been so helpful in this time, I have only been shaving as usual.

You can buy the Gillette Venus All in One Pack HERE which has a razor, changeable cartridges and the Satin Care Shaving Gel.

What do you feel about shaving?

  • Shilpa Shetty

    I used to love waxing alot, but after my marriage its very difficult to go to salon for waxing or any other services, as most of the weekend I’m travelling to my husbands place or he will be visiting mine,.. We stay in different city, so no time for any of my skin pampering session. For this reason I started using shaving, initially I dint like, as I use to get rashes and bumps all over my skin. But now I love it, as its most convenient and painless too,.. Nice post,.. I agree with all the points,.. If shaving done using correct tools and also correct way, it will be the best hair removing technique,..

  • Maitreyi

    You are so right about shaving! I love it too 😊😁

  • sowmya techsol

    Shaving made made me to avoid hot waxing on my legs. nice post after watching your previous post I bought this total kit and they are life saver worth buying and trying. easy to shave, Razor is soo flexible.