Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Review, Swatches

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Review, Swatches

By Nidhal

What are some ingredients to make a diva? Unbridled confidence, acceptance of one’s imperfections, belief in oneself, a ‘Never say Never’ attitude, an aura of mystique and a Chambor lipstick! Okay, the first five surely are needed but can we say the same about the last one? Well, that is exactly what we will know by the end of this write-up.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Review, Swatches, Indian Makeup Blog

While lip balms are an instant go-to fix for every occasion be it-a casual day out with one’s pals, a day earmarked for making our credit card cry (read: shopping) and even while sleeping, yet lipstick haven’t lost their charm, have they? They spruce up your glam quotient by leaps and bounds. So, in line with that thought, I grabbed CHAMBOR POWDER MATTE LIPSTICK 166 CORAL ROSE. Let’s prepare its report card today.

PRICE- 595/- INR for 4.5g

DIRECTIONS FOR USE- Swipe on your lips as often as desired

INGREDIENTS- Not mentioned anywhere

WHAT IT CLAIMS- An Innovative Formulated Lipstick which has both Moisturizer + Matte Effect in it. Powder Matte Lipsticks have a Non-Drying Triple Action Formula which: Bright bold perfectly matte. This unique powder matte lipstick provides high impact payoff; an ultra pigmented long wearing vitamin enriched formula glides on effortlessly with comfortable wear. Long wearing application.


Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Review, Swatches, Indian Makeup Blog

The packaging of CHAMBOR POWDER MATTE LIPSTICK 166 CORAL ROSE is effortlessly chic. Not only is it sturdy but also hygienic to use. It comes in a typical lipstick package with the main product ensconced in a retractable tube. The colour is what took me by surprise. It looks fairly deep and dark in the picture but is relatively light on application.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Review, Swatches, Indian Makeup Blog

One swipe and you get a natural flush of ‘pink meets red’ hue. Multiple swipes and the intensity increases. It looks natural on pink lips and on those lips with a little pigmentation but for those with highly pigmented lips, it doesn’t conceal it completely. Better bid farewell to the pigmentation by scrubbing it with lemon slices overtime and then, swipe this lipstick. Coming back to the lipstick, it has a very smooth texture and spread effortlessly as you glide it on your luscious lips. It lasts a good 4.5-5 hours on average but needs retouch post heavy meals.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Review, Swatches, Indian Makeup Blog

On the flipside, I feel that it sucks moisture off my lips as my lips look dry and even feel so after a few hours of application. To combat that, I suggest applying a thin coat of any organic lip balm that would work to battle dryness while the lipstick would amp up your glam quotient. After all, there is no point in tarting oneself at the cost of turning a blind eye to our lips’ health.

Another flea in the ointment for me is that its ingredients’ list hasn’t been provided. Had it been organic, the brand would’ve left no stone unturned in marketing it as a Holy Grail lipstick for ladies out there but since its ingredients’ list hasn’t been furnished, I doubt its composition. Barring these two factors, it is a good investment. Works wonders to transform all the Plain Janes out there into Black Widows (okay, I admit Black widow isn’t the perfect example but she’s sultry and I have a soft corner for her) 🙂


1. Good staying power

2. Prepossessing tint. Can be increased with multiple swipes.

3. Hides slightly pigmented lips.

4. Available easily these days. In the age of online shopping, we really can’t complain much, can we?

5. Good packaging


1. Ingredients’ list is not furnished which raises concerns about its composition.

2. Dries out lips within a few hours of application. Using a lip balm underneath is recommended to prevent dryness.

3. Retouch is needed post heavy meals.


Editor’s Note: That’s a very pretty shade Nidhal.

Have you tried the Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks?

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