Check and Analyze the Ingredients before Buying Check and Analyze the Ingredients before Buying

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With the option of 100’s of products available these days for each skincare product, we often get confused and sometimes end up buying things that may not necessarily be suitable for our skin. Check and Analayze the Ingredients before Buying

I came across this website called It’s goal is to help women easily figure out what’s actually inside cosmetics, before they buy them. I think this is a very good idea and super helpful for us who would really want to know what are the ingredients in the products we are putting on our skin and body.

One can analyze the ingredients of any product by pasting the list of ingredients or uploading a clear picture of the ingredients. Or one can just explore different ingredients as to which ingredient helps in what. Check and Analayze the Ingredients before Buying

Also if you have a specific skin type or concern and looking at specific ingredient in your skincare, you can find products based on the ingredient. This I feel is the most helpful feature. For e.g., if you have acne prone skin and looking for something with salicylic acid, you can find that and if you have dry skin, something with hyaluronic acid, and so on and so forth..

The idea behind the website is to build a piece of software which can recognize ingredients and show visitors whether a product is worth trying or not. The data which feeds into the system comes mostly from the National Institute of Health website. Check and Analayze the Ingredients before Buying

All products on the site are compared using their ingredients. Each ingredient displays a short explanation and is categorized based on its properties. Some properties include anti-aging, moisturizing, healing, etc. Ingredients are also marked as being great, good or unfavorable – great being a perfect fit for the specific type of products it’s used in, good being good in general and unfavorable signifying known (documented) unwanted side effects. When all this is taken into account, a numeric score is derived and stored as the ingredient rating of each product on the site.

The website has a database of a couple hundred products separated into categories. If you’re looking for an anti-aging cream it’s pretty easy to compare the ones on the site and see which ones have the ingredients you want most. Check and Analayze the Ingredients before Buying

The site also offers an Ingredient Analyzer which makes it easy for visitors to paste a list of ingredients or upload a clear photo of the ingredients on the product’s packaging, which the site will transform into text and attempt to read through. This is my favourite feature, you can just click a picture using your phone and analyze the ingredients instantly.

I analyzed the Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel Tan Removal Face Pack and here are the results.. Check and Analayze the Ingredients before Buying

New products are added a couple times per week. I hope they soon cover most of the brands and products. This website is really helpful and if you are someone who would like to be aware of what you are putting on your skin, this will be of great help! Definitely recommend checking

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