Busting Shaving Myths- Part 1

Busting Shaving Myths- Part 1

Hi guys,

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There are many myths associated with shaving which only scare girls to try out shaving, while the truth is shaving is the most easy, non painful, time saving, effective and economical method of hair removal!

I have been shaving since quite a few years now and even I was scared initially, but later on I realized how everything we heard about shaving was untrue and it is actually so, so convenient! I am hooked to shaving and want more girls to try out shaving without hesitation.

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I will be busting some myths associated with shaving and explain why they are totally untrue. I have divided the myths into few parts, so I will be busting the first myth in this post and few later in other posts

Busting Shaving Myths- Part 1, Hair Removal,Shaving,Indian beauty Blog,Gillette Venus Razor

Myth 1: Shaving makes your hair grow thicker, darker and faster

It is just the top part of the hair we cut when we shave, so the hair that grows and comes out later is the inside part which is in the roots of the skin already,which is a little darker as it has more melanin and hence we feel that the hair is growing thicker and darker. It is just that the hair that was within the skin comes out and we feel it is different when actually it isn’t. It is a part of the same hair follicle. So there is no change in hair texture or color or thickness in anyway due to shaving. Hair growth/colour depends on genetic factors and is internal, shaving cannot make your hair grow faster or thicker or darker.

Busting Shaving Myths- Part 1, Hair Removal,Shaving,Indian beauty Blog,Gillette Venus Razor

So your genes and hormones determine your hair regrowth and it is not related to shaving at all.

Busting Shaving Myths- Part 1, Hair Removal,Shaving,Indian beauty Blog,Gillette Venus Razor

I hope I busted the myth and cleared some concepts. If you have been wanting to try shaving but feel unsure because you felt your hair will grow darker or thicker, I hope you do try now 🙂

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Have you tried shaving? If you have any other queries/doubts regarding shaving, do let me know in the comments below 🙂

  • Nidhal Sinha

    I was fed the first myth for a long time and that too by some reputed salon’s workers. I wondered why that happened because scientifically it wasn’t possible.
    Assuming hair grew darker and thicker everytime we wax/shave it, wouldn’t people with short hair who want fuller, darker and thicker hair, go bald once and for all so that when new hair grows, it’s akin to what (lies) they have been fed? 😜
    I’m glad I know the real reason now. Will show this to those salon workers who briainwashed me (and every other lady!)

    • bhumika_t

      Haha 😀 I know right. The bald line cracked me up 😀


    I have been shaving for the past three years and seriously these myths are awful! I find shaving better than waxing or chemical hair removal even! So easy-peasy!

    • bhumika_t


  • kanika

    I’ve not tried it yet but I really wanna try it..hope it works for me as well…

    • bhumika_t

      It will! It’s super easy