We Are Hiring!

We Are Hiring!

Hi guys,

Yes you read that right, after managing my blog all by myself from more than 5 years, I am opening it to new, fresh voices. Why,you ask? Post marriage, I have some added responsibilities you see 😀 Also I have started my own Youtube channel which does take up a lot of time. And attending events take up my entire day. I realized how the frequency of blogging was going down from posting every day or every alternate day to a gap of 2-3 days now which I don’t really like coz I have always been consistent and regular on my blog. My health had also taken a toll on the frequency of blogging.

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I want to expand my team and need more people who share the passion for all things makeup/beauty/fashion. If you are someone who loves makeup/beauty/fashion and all things pretty, who has a flair for writing and can click good pictures, who has friends asking for advice when it comes to makeup/beauty, who wants to earn some extra bucks, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

We Are Hiring!, Makeup and Beauty writers, part time jobs india, online jobs india, online freelance writing job india, work from home india

Some Pointers:

  • Original, fresh content only. No copy/paste and no articles/reviews which you have already shared on other blogs. It’s copyright violation and a legal issue if you do not know.
  • Good Quality and Clear Pictures with any good (digital or DSLR) camera, no cell phone pictures.
  • Minimum of 3 pictures and minimum 450 words articles.
  • You can send a sample article at first which may or may not be approved, if there are some changes required,we will let you know and you can re-submit.
  • Reviews/DIY/Skincare/Haircare/Top 5/Top 10/Fashion Hacks/Makeup Tutorials/Hairstyle Tutorials, any other ideas you have in mind, just shoot a mail. We can mutually shortlist on the topics
  • Payment would be made per article only by bank transfer and one week after the article is published. If you are a regular and would want to write more articles, payment would be made for 3 articles together.
  • All credits would be given to the writer, so be rest assured on that.
  • If any image is taken from Google or some other source, the correct source link needs to be mentioned.
  • If it is combined post, a collage of all the pictures is recommended.

So hop on, shoot a mail and earn some moolah, what are you waiting for? 😀

Mail me at writefornlm@gmail.com with your sample articles and pictures and more details.

P.S: Images from Google

  • Shwetali

    Thats a great bhumika. I would love to participate in this. Yeeeep☺

  • Lovleen Das

    Thanks for the opportunity! I have sent my sample and awaiting your response (fingers crossed) 😛

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  • surabhi koolwal

    Is there still any vacancy left?

  • Starhavens

    hello Bhumika,

    I have send you my writing and photo sample. Hope you’ll check it out and reply soon.

    I would love to write for this beautiful blog, thanks.

    Starhavens 🙂