Gillette Venus Event and #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Gillette Venus Event and #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Hi Guys,

So you must have seen my pics from the Gillette Venus Event that happened last week, if you follow me on twitter or Instagram πŸ™‚ It happened at the Zenith Party Suite at Palladium Hotel.

The theme was nautical and hence, everyone was either in blue or in stripes πŸ˜€ We clicked the pics with the sailor hat and Gillette Venus razor board props. Here is my pic from the event..

I went print on print..with polka dots on stripes πŸ™‚

A panel comprising of dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty, amazing makeup artist Namrata Soni and the ‘Heropanti’ actress Kriti Sanon talked about shaving and busted some myths.

Gillette Venus Event and #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Gillette Venus Event and #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Surprisingly both Namrata Soni and Kriti Sanon have been shaving from around 10 years and more. Namrata Soni talked about how being a makeup artist, they have to work with different people and sometimes also take care of these issues like hair removal coz a particular scene requires it, etc., so she always carries a Gillette Venus razor with her. She has sensitive skin and was not supposed to wax as she used to get rashes and hence, she has been shaving since the past 10-12 years.

Kriti Sanon said she also always got those red patches and burns from waxing and prefers shaving anytime. In fact, she mentioned she is so used to it, that she shaves every 2-3 days and carries a razor all the time, as she needs hair free skin for shoots,etc. She also mentioned how Gillette Venus goes quite smooth on the skin and the contours coz of the pivoting head, she does not have to press the razor hard which irritates the skin.

Dr. Rashmi Shetty busted some myths and talked about the right procedure and method to shave and the pre and post care for perfect shaving. She also said how majority women feel her skin would darken and the hair would grow thicker and faster forever after shaving, which is not true and holds no base. She explained how we nip the edge of the hair while shaving and it is not uprooted, the initial hair that grows back in 3-4 days is the one just below the skin, which is a bit darker coz of the melanin and hence we feel the hair is thicker.

Also, a lot of women including me, face itching issue post shaving, to which she shared the perfect way of shaving. According to Dr.Rashmi Shetty, one should not shave on dry skin. Moisturise your skin well, then have a bath and always go for wet shaving preferably. Then post shaving, apply a rich cream/body lotion (one with Retinol, if possible) which will soothe and calm the skin. And keep re-applying for 2-3 days and not just once.

Namrata Soni shared her favourite tip on shaving, she uses a hair conditioner to shave and uses a Calamine lotion post shaving and never faced any itching issue.

I am going to try both of the tips soon πŸ˜€

Coming to the Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge Week 1. I have always been a waxing person, but since the past quite a few months, I have tried shaving and have loved the results as I did not have to rush to a salon, even when I am pressed for time.

During my honeymoon,I had carried my Gillette Venus razor with me and it was so helpful as were at Andamans, and you cannot not wear short clothes at a beach,right πŸ˜€ Also recently when I met with an accident and was on bed rest, I could not go to a salon, and I shaved 2-3 times with my trusted Gillette Venus. Read my review HERE.

I have taken up this 30 days challenge and have already shaved my legs once, as I had to for a particular event and had no time for a salon visit. This time, I also used the Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel and it was all the more easier!

I will bust some myths and share my personal experience in the coming month with you guys πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, check out their facebook app to know more about shaving or follow them on twitter. You can buy the Gillette Venus Razor HERE, the set of cartridges HERE or the combo pack of all with the Satin Care Gel HERE