Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Reduction for Underarms- My Experience

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Reduction for Underarms- My Experience

So, I had my 2 sessions of Laser Hair Reduction for my underarms at the Kaya Skin Clinic and the third one is also due in some time, though I do not require it anytime soon. At first, do note that I mention hair reduction and NOT hair removal. Laser does not remove your hair completely like waxing does. It works on burning your roots and stopping the hair growth and since hair grows in cycles, you need 5-6 sessions of it, for every hair to grow and get under the laser light. And also, its a permanent solution. So, hair reduction which happens in every session, would remain so for a lifetime !

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Reduction for Underarms- Experience

I was petrified of Laser, but I still wanted to give it a try, though I have had patch test before last year. Read about it HERE. (Also the benefits of Laser Vs. Waxing) I went to the Mulund Kaya Skin Clinic at Nirmal Lifestyle and they only have the old normal diode lasik machine and not the ND-Yag one. I was more scared since it was the underarm area which is anyways a lot more sensitive for most of us.

So, what the attendant does is, marks the area with a white pencil. And calls the doctor to check and give the grading. After the doc gives the grading, the attendant shaves the area and gives you a pair of light protecting glasses and uses one on self. Starts by applying a thick layer of gel on the area and goes over it, with the laser machine. You see the light and also feel the prick in between and right after the prick, smell the burning hair follicle. I was continuously chanting God’s name the first time I did it :p But, you know what, I never realised when it started and when it was done ! It took just 5 minutes for one underarm !! I was done in 10-15 minutes with the whole session.

After my 1st session,I had the appointment for the 2nd session after one month. But when I went for the 2nd session, the doctor told me not to go for the 2nd session, since there was hardly any growth for them to work on and that it would be no point of going for the session on such less growth. So, they called me for the 2nd session after a 2 month gap. Usually, the gap between 2 sessions is 1 month, but if you do not have the required growth, you can keep it 1.5-2 months. But, the only thing is, you cannot wax in between your 2 sessions !! You can shave, but not wax.

My 2nd session also went quite smooth. You do see some growth, but those hair automatically fall off in few days. And now again, after the 2nd session, I have hardly any growth, even though its close to one month now. I guess I will have to wait another month again 😀

Post Laser Care:

  • Use a moisturizer every 3-4 hours. Do not let the skin feel dry.
  • Use a sunscreen on the underarm everyday for atleast a week.
  • Do not wax.
  • Do not use soap, gel, etc on that area for around a week
  • No swimming for a week

Ya, I guess some very basic do’s and don’ts to follow. And lifetime, you can feel free to wear sleeveless without worrying about the underarm hair.

Read the infographic below for more insights about laser hair reduction..

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Reduction for Underarms- Experience

Kaya Skin Clinic have this very interesting offer where you can get your 1st session at the cost of waxing i.e Rs.85/- !! And, then if you are comfortable and like the experience, you can upgrade it to 6 sessions at a discounted price of Rs.7.999/- And later on, whenever you feel the need, you can go for a maintenance session once a year or so, for just Rs.1000/-

Here are the summer specials from Kaya that will make you want to drop the temperate with those hot stylish attires and beat the scorching heat:

–          It’s 85 for Freedom from April 1st to July 15 – Try the first session of under-arm laser hair removal service at the cost of waxing i.e. just Rs.85/- What’s more? Upgrade this package and pay just Rs. 7, 999 for 6 sessions

–          Avail of over 40% discount on full body laser from May 1st to July 15th

–          Combine your under-arm package with one laser service package and get a minimum 25% discount all through the months of April and May

More than 100,000 women at Kaya have said NO to waxing, enjoying the freedom of hair-free and satin-smooth skin with Kaya’s Permanent Hair Reduction!  It’s your turn now!

I also attended a Laser Mircale @ Kaya Skin Clinic event recently in association with Cosmopolitan, where again a lot of doubts were cleared by the doctors. If you subscribe to Cosmopolitan, they also had one free laser underarm session voucher inside the magazine for the month of May.

 I think its definitely worth it ! I could see a huge difference in one session itself and all the more after the 2nd. I definitely recommend giving it a try. If you have any doubts or hiccups, please feel free to ask me here in the comments below or drop me a mail at bhumika_thakkar@yahoo.co.uk, and I will surely get back. Do not hesitate. Its freedom from waxing and getting to wear anything you want. I am already planning to go for other body and face areas too.

P.S: Services were offered by Kaya but that has not affected my opinion. I recommend it,only after it worked for me.

  • rakhshanda

    Great experience honey <3

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  • shinnu

    hello. i do have a doubt.
    after my first session of laser at underarms and if i could not be able to pay the amout can i prefer going for waxing?

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Shinnu, yes you surely can 🙂

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  • Allene verma

    This was very helpful! I never presumed that laser hair reduction can be that effective. I Hope I can try this kind of laser treatment soon, only concern for me is the cost. I have compared prices of many skin clinics and the prices are quite similar. One of my friend suggested to go for Kaya Skin clinic. Excited to get it done.. 🙂

  • Kyra Malhotra

    I have always wanted to get rid of those waxing sessions. I have heard about Kaya Skin Clinic many times and the reviews have been very good. I am thinking to get the laser hair reduction done and I will soon visit the clinic here in Bangalore.

  • Gauhar

    That’s a great Kaya Skin Clinic review, Bhumika. I have taken advantage of their other hair removal treatments, but I want to know more about the laser hair removal reviews.
    How much time does it take to get smoother skin where there is no hint of growth? I have a wedding to attend in April 2017, and looking to get treated permanently.
    Also, what about the nether parts? Is taking this treatment in the unmentionable parts recommended? Would like to know your thoughts.

  • Sanusha Mallik

    I had one query regarding Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews – do I have to complete all the 6 sessions in order to be sure? Because after 3rd sitting, I think there is no more scope in arms for hair removal. What do you think?

    • bhumika_t

      You can do 4-6 sessions depending on the growth, can take a few months break in between last sessions