Do you like Playing with your Hair ?

Do you like Playing with your Hair ? there is a friend who is obsessed with twisting and curling her from the time she ever had hair :p She keeps on rolling and rolling and rolling them..when she is studying or thinking or talking or doing anything..I think many girls have this you ?
No, I don’t. And I am not talking about that playing with the hair..which is a habit now..but what I mean by playing with your hair is doing whatever you wish to do with your hair..any damn hairstyle, curling, straightening, perms, hot rollers, coloring..and all the weird stuff..
Of course we love those different styles on us, don’t we ?
I had got these curls on my engagement..and I sooo loved them..and I wish I can do them every single day..

Do you like Playing with your Hair ?, Dove Indiblogger contest

But with all these, we always fear damage..the heat and chemicals in the styling products can harm our hair..and thats why we try and refrain from these experiments.
What if we could do all of those, without any damage to our hair..would’nt that be amazing ? Trying a new hairstyle everyday ?
Did you see the new Dove ad where all girls are experimenting with their hair ? Fun right ? I love the music and lyrics too..

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