Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara Review and EOTD

Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara Review and EOTD

By Lee

Hello Beauties!

I’m back with another eyemakeup product this time with a Mascara. Oriflame is another brand that I haven’t tried much and I was hoping I’ll have a good experience with their Hyper Stretch Mascara!

What the Company claims: Enriched with Pro-Long ComplexTM to stimulate the natural growth of your lashes~

The brand’s first mascara with the boosting effects of Pro Long ComplexTM, Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara stimulates Keratin production and compliments the natural growth cycle of the lashes to make them grow stronger and healthier in just 4 weeks*.

A perfect combination of the ultra elastic formula and lash extending fibre brush, the mascara instantly lengthens each lash by upto 65% with a precise definition and separation. The easy-to-work applicator delivers a smudge and flake free stay throughout the day, which can be applied daily without worrying.

Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara is a wondrous product which comes in a compact cylindrical bottle that fits perfectly into one’s handbag.

Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara Review and EOTD

Price: Rs.398/- for 8ml (Usually available on offer)


The mascara comes in a long teal colored plastic tube with silver lettering. It has a long handle with short spiral bristles. When I saw the wand I thought it won’t adequately cost my lashes as I’m used to longer bristles like the Maybelline Colossal Mascara but boy was i wrong! It coats the lashes adequately without requiring much effort!

Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara Review and EOTD

The mascara has a creamy texture which is neither too runny nor too dry. It provides amazing length and I do not need to even curl my lashes with this! I have never experienced such length with any other mascara!!

Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara Review and EOTD

This does not weigh down my lashes neither but does succeed in the volume department. It provides average volume and doesn’t make much of a difference in that category. If i apply more than 2 coats then it starts clumping 🙁

Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara Review and EOTD

Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara Review and EOTD

The mascara is water resistant but not waterproof making it perfect for everyday use. I hate wearing waterproof mascaras on a day-today basis.

I really wanted to test this mascara on its lash growth claim so I wore this just about everyday for a month. To be really honest I didn’t see much of a difference but I did not witness any lash fall either 🙂

Pros :

1) A great everyday mascara
2) Provides great length and definition
3) Water resistant and easily removable
4) Extremely Affordable when on offer
5) Provides a good amount of curl and does not weigh down the lashes!

Cons :

1) Does not provide much volume
2) Clumps if applied more than 2 coats

Rating: 4/5

My Recommendation: Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara is a great everyday mascara which provides good length and curl to the lashes. It does not weigh down the lashes and is water resistant. However, if you’re looking for extra volume then you should skip this!

Have you tried the Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara ?

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