Kaya Aqua Radiance Service Review

Kaya Aqua Radiance Service Review

Well with tons and tons of weddings right now, (I have already attended 4 engagements, 3 sangeets and 3 weddings :/) what one needs is glowing beautiful skin and Kaya comes to our rescue..

Remember the Aqua Fairness Luxe which I got done just before my engagement (read about it HERE)..how it left my skin super glowing and flawless..

This time I tried the Kaya Aqua Radiance..I went to Kaya Skin Clinic at Nirmal Lifestyles, Mulund-W. Neha attended to me..and I enjoyed my favorite signature Kaya drink…the apple,cinnamon,honey combo is divine.

Kaya Aqua Radiance Service Review

Coming back to Aqua Radiance,the main difference between Aqua Fairness Luxe and Aqua Radiance is that in Aqua Fairness Luxe, 10% Glycolic Infusion is done..and a brightening mask is used at the end..whereas in Aqua Radiance, in place of 10% Glycolic Infusion, some vitamins are infused into the skin after the exfoliation..which vitamin serum is used depends on your skin type and skin issues..Skin Glow Serum was used for me..there is one for Anti- Ageing, Vitamin C for pigmentation, Hydrating one, etc..

Kaya Aqua Radiance Service Review, Kaya Aqua Radiance v/s Kaya Aqua Fairness Luxe

Rest everything done is same as in Aqua Fairness Luxe..

Stage 1: Lymphatic Drainage

Stage 2: Exfoliation

Stage 3: Vitamin Infusion

Stage 4: Comedone extraction

Stage 5: Massage

Process: Kaya Aqua Radiance is a revolutionary service which, for the first time, painlessly infuses vitamins as deep as 4.5 mm into your skin. Drawing on the healing properties of oxygen and water to replenish skin cells, this service uses cool and soothing supersonic jet sprays to gently slough off layers of dead cells, instantly enabling your pores to breathe while restoring lost lustre. This deep cleansing process also unclogs blackheads, leaving your skin spotless and fresh.
Kaya Aqua Radiance Service Review, Kaya Aqua Radiance v/s Kaya Aqua Fairness Luxe
Jet M Machine
Jet M machine, a hand piece with a specialized nozzle, directs a powerful jet of saline water onto the skin and its matching high energy sprays, cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. Soon after exfoliation, nutrients such as Vitamin A+E, B5, C and Hyaluronic acid are infused at high pressure, resulting in better penetration. Comedone extraction is carried out using a special vacuum operated device. Finally, application of Daily Use sunscreen.
That’s what makes the Aqua Radiance treatment so much more effective at exfoliating, hydrating and rejuvenating than other superficial care.

Kaya Aqua Radiance Service Review, Kaya Aqua Radiance v/s Kaya Aqua Fairness Luxe

  • Smooth Exfoliation: Gently and effectively removes dead skin layers to reveal your naturally lustrous skin
  • Deep Nourishment: A vitamin-rich oxygen infusion acts on the deep dermis and cleanses impurities from within
  • Intense Hydration: A soft supersonic nozzle stream adds essential moisture, cooling and refreshing your skin
Maintenance: Dead skin cells accumulate on your skin every 30 days as a natural process. It is advisable to remove these cells once a month to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Therefore we recommend this service to be taken once a month.

Duration : 1 hour

Price: Rs.2000/-

I loved how skin felt all hydrated and nourished from inside after the Aqua Radiance..you can feel the hydration of aqua seeping into the skin.

And exfoliation gives a different look and feel to the skin. I surely recommend it..in fact people who get their regular facials done, should try this..it is recommended once a month..even if you do not wish to get it done that regularly, once in 2-3 months would help too..

Now which do I personally recommend out of the two, Aqua Fairness Luxe or Aqua Radiance ?
I would say if you have some special occasion lined up..like your own personal functions or a very close relative or a family member’s occasion, go for Aqua Fairness Luxe..without a doubt ! And if you want your dose of regular facials and routine skin care or just want to hydrate or prep up skin, go for Aqua Radiance.

I hope this clears your doubts 🙂

Have you tried the Kaya Aqua Fairness Luxe or Aqua Radiance ?

Do let me know in the comments below..

P.S: Services provided by Kaya Skin Clinic but that has not affected my opinion.