New Launches: The Body Shop, Iraya, L’Occitane

New Launches: The Body Shop, Iraya, L’Occitane

At first, I would like to share with you guys that Anamika of WiseShe has featured me on her read about it HERE. Thank you Anamika 🙂

Now coming to the new launches..

Fall In Love with Lip Smacking Colour

Introducing New Colour Crush Lipstick

Fall in love with lip smacking colour with new Colour Crush™ Lipstick, our new, super nourishing lipstick collection made from the finest quality crushed pigments. From red-carpet reds, to flirty pinks, to au natural nudes, each cutting-edge lip colour is 100% cruelty free, 100% vegetarian and 100% high impact.

New Launches: The Body Shop Color Crush Lipsticks, Iraya Essential Oils, L’Occitane Immortelle Divine
Blushing Pink

New Launches: The Body Shop Color Crush Lipsticks, Iraya Essential Oils, L’Occitane Immortelle Divine
Crush on Caramel

Lust-Have Lip Colour

Our new Colour Crush™ Lipstick collection is an on-trend palette of 24 brilliantly vibrant shades of lipstick, each delivering maximum colour impact. The fashion-forward line-up is available in three colour families; the brightest reds, the sweetest pinks and the finest nudes, in a mix of pure colour and subtle shimmer finishes. Whatever your style, whatever your skins tone, it’s time to reveal your true colours…

Crush On You

Our Colour Crush™ Lipstick collection marries our most intense, full-on colours with luscious moisture. Our secret? We’ve travelled the world to source high-quality pigments, which we’ve finely crushed then blended with a drop of nurturing cherry seed oil and coated with our finest, silkiest Community Fair Trade marula oil. The result is vivid, wow-worthy colour that glides onto lips and feels mega-comfortable to wear. What’s more, each lipstick has a sophisticated delicate floral rose fragrance. Divine!

New Launches: The Body Shop Color Crush Lipsticks, Iraya Essential Oils, L’Occitane Immortelle Divine
Enraptured Red

New Launches: The Body Shop Color Crush Lipsticks, Iraya Essential Oils, L’Occitane Immortelle Divine
Rush of Pink

Three Colour Families

With so many hot hues to choose from, you can re-invent your lip-look every day.
We love the flame-red drama of Red Siren 101, a bold and beautiful crimson that adds a touch of Hollywood glamour.
We think our pink and violet shades are to-die-for; try Red Hot Raspberry 201 for a fierce fuchsia that packs a punch
And for easy-to-wear elegance, slick on beautiful beige; one of our favorites is Coral Kiss 315, a shimmering peachy nude.

Priced at a purse-friendly Rs. 895, you’ll want to get your hands on them!

The Heart Inside

Our Colour Crush™ Lipstick collection benefit from Community Fair Trade marula oil made from the ripe fruit of the sacred marula tree. We source it from the Eudafano Women’s Co-Operative, which is helping 1750 women to earn a fair income. The women involved in the project report that the benefits to them go beyond money, it also helps give them a sense of independence, business management and confidence.

L’Occitane shares the secret to eternal youth this November with its New Divine Range

The Immortelle Divine skin care range that is already the best selling in the world has now come to India to mark the onset of the festive season.
New Launches: The Body Shop Color Crush Lipsticks, Iraya Essential Oils, L’Occitane Immortelle Divine
Divine Range is a unique range with unique results.
With a new formulation, L’OCCITANE has introduced a new complex of 7 naturally derived active ingredients, which dramatically boosts the already impressive properties of immortelle plant extracts. 
The legendary flower of Corsica is the ultimate secret of the Divine range that L’Occitane protects in a 5th patent. This wild plant with the mysterious and poetic name “l’Immortelle” possesses many properties that L’OCCITANCE en Provence has been researching for over ten years in order to perfect its anti-aging skincare products.
It is a flower that never fades, even once picked.
Let’s feel special with L’Occitane’s extra-ordinary range- IMMORTELLE DIVINE
1. DIVINE LOTION 200ML Rs 3300: The lotion is essentially a toner that is crucial to a cleansing, toning & moisturizing routine. It is a rich softening lotion with an enveloping freshness.
THE PERFORMANCE – Maintains skin’s balance and helps accelerate cellular renewal
2. DIVINE EXTRACT 30ML Rs 6300: A serum with a fresh and velvety gel-cream texture that contains an exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients
THE PERFORMANCE – Visibly restores the overall structure of the face by helping restore definition to facial contours and improving firmness. Boosts the effectiveness of the Divine Cream
3. DIVINE CREAM 50ML Rs 6200 – A cream with a rich, smooth texture that gives an immediate feeling of comfort. 
THE PERFORMANCE – Acts at the heart of cells to help to visibly correct all the signs of ageing. Bursting with vitality, the skin glows with beauty.
4. DIVINE EYES 15ML Rs 3700: A fresh, silky gel-cream specially formulated for the fragile eye area. 
THE PERFORMANCE – It Smoothens, firms and brightens the eye area. For 72% of women, the eyes look visibly younger. 
The products will be available at all L’Occitane Stores in November
Essential oils from Iraya
As the chill starts setting in the air, our skin asks for an intense care to keep it moisturized and hydrated. Make essential oils as a part of your daily skincare regime and enjoy it’s multiple benefits on your body.
Natural essential oil therapies are the age old ways of rejuvenation and relaxation. It carries the physical properties of flowers and plants in a highly concentrated. It’s the perfect ingredient for personal care as it is well absorbed by our skin leaving it soft and nourished. Along with the benefits on our skin, its best suited for therapeutic treatments such as stimulation, relaxation, pain relief and healing. Use them for your aroma therapy, or blend it with carrier oil and massage them into your skin, or add them to your bath water for a soothing journey.
New Launches: The Body Shop Color Crush Lipsticks, Iraya Essential Oils, L’Occitane Immortelle Divine
Choose from the list of following essential oils available at Iraya.
Sensual Blend- Neroli & Lavender: Rs 545
Comforting Blend – Lavender & Rosemary: Rs 545
Energising Blend – Bitter Orange & Cinnamon: Rs 545
Lavender (Indian) Single: Rs 345
Lemongrass Single: Rs 345
Ylang Ylang Single: Rs 345
Peppermint Single: Rs 345
Eucalyptus Single: Rs 345
Basil Single: Rs 345
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