Book Review: The Homing Pigeons

Book Review: The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

In the middle of the catastrophic 2008 recession, Aditya, a jobless, penniless man meets an attractive stranger in a bar, little does he know that his life will change forever…..

When Radhika, a young, rich widow, marries off her stepdaughter, little does she know that the freedom that she has yearned for is not exactly how she had envisioned it…..

Book Review: The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

They say Homing Pigeons always come back to their mate, no matter where you leave them on the face of this earth. Homing Pigeons is the story of love between these two unsuspecting characters as it is of lust, greed, separations, prejudices and crumbling spines.

The theme of this novel is ‘not all love stories are perfect but then, neither are people.’ 

The name and theme is just apt for the book..though its a debut novel for Sid Bahri, he definitely comes out like a pro.

Book Review: The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

The story is about Aditya and Radhika, their lives, their childhood, how they met, how they separated..and times and again met and finally meet at the end..which is quiet predictable from the name of the book..

Book Review: The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

But all the their lives keep on chapter is narrated from the perspective of Radhika and another of Aditya..and they keep on going in the flashback in between..there are a few times when the whole chapter is in flashback and then suddenly comes to the present in the could have left many confused..but the author manages to make it a good interesting read without confusing the readers..

Though the end is predictable, how everything happens is what brings out the curiosity in you and keeps you on the edge to keep on reading would not feel like giving up the book unless you read what next !

Quiet an interesting read I would say ! Highly recommended..great work Sid !

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P.S: Book sent for review.