The Mumbai Bride Diaries: Engagement Jewellery and Shoes

The Mumbai Bride Diaries: Engagement Jewellery and Shoes
Check out my previous post to see my outfit HERE and the mehendi and manicure,pedicure post HERE.
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Today I am talking about jewellery and shoes.. Coming to the jewellery,what all can be worn as a part of jewellery:

1. Set consisting of necklace and earrings: A basic set which complements the can go heavy or light depending on your preference..I wanted something light..and a maang tikka can also form a part of the set.

2. Matching Set of Bangles: You can either go for kadas if you do not want to wear whole set of bangles..or a set of bangles..any shop stocking bangles would customise it according to your can ofcourse make changes in it as per your liking.

3. Kamar patta or Waist Belt: I wanted to add one..but did not find anything appropriate so skipped can definitely wear it if you find something good..that works well with your outfit too.

4. Latkans : These days the latkans are quite in..ya the same ones which we have in our anarkalis and blouses on the back..we can also wear them on the sides of the waist across the saris or can combine a few different ones and mix and match.

5. Baju Band or Armlet : One can also add baju band on the upper arm..especially if your outfit is sleeveless or has very short sleeves..looks pretty..

6. Payal or Anklets: Kundan payal looks great and would match most of the Indian can find so many designs of it these days.

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I wore a simple gold set with some silver accents and diamonds in between and blue droppings and only the earrings..skipped the maang tikka as I wanted a light can always add a maang tikka too.

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Matching set of bangles to the outfit.

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Stiff Kundan Payal..they have this oblong shape..and have a key lock..

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Shoes : I chose these Catwalk shoes with gold motifs and pearl and diamonds on the front..same shoes were available in 2 inches more heel but with a broader band at the front..I needed heels coz fiancee is 6’3” :/ And I did buy those, somehow the transaction failed and since it was only one pair left, it was showing Out of Stock then..and later when I checked I guess it was already sold out..though I liked this smaller band more..but heels also were less in these..nonetheless I felt they looked perfect with the outfit..I bought these online from Jabong.

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Places to shop for..I knew which is the best place in my area for the jewellery and bangles and so was found it I checked out many shops for the set and did not like it much anywhere or did not find something that would compliment the outfit well..I would suggest first checking out your local famous shops, then online and also compare prices..I liked a few on Homeshop18, Craftsvilla, etc..But checking out and trying personally is what is recommended..

In can check out Magic Mirror in Matunga and Santacruz, Sia outlets, shops in Bhuleshwar for artificial jewellery..for real gold and diamonds I would recommend going to your trusted family jeweller..I like diamonds from Manubhai Jewellers in Borivali and Ghatkopar…my engagement ring is also from there.

Hope you liked the post..if you still have any doubts or need any help, shoot me an email at and I would be ready to help..

  • rachna sharma

    Loved this post totally!

  • Nivedita B

    Everything is so lovely Bhumi. I am especially loving the payals. You are a beautiful bride indeed! ft 3 beau! How tall are you? :P

  • bhumika_t

    Thanks Nivi..I am 5’3” :( 1ft difference..

  • bhumika_t

    Glad U liked Rachna :)

  • Richa Saxena

    Absolutely loved the post Bhumika! Everything is so pretty… :)

  • rakhshanda

    I love everything in your outfit! Loved the shoes and mehdi. I want to see your lovely face dear <3

  • bhumika_t
  • coralcrue

    great choices. i especially love the payal, bangles and the lovely shoes. Even I usually get occasion wear footwear from Catwalk as they really have very pretty pieces.

  • bhumika_t

    Thanks Richa :)

  • bhumika_t

    Thanks..Ya I agree..

  • Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters

    Lovely picsss.. the kundan payal is prettyy ..!!
    Managing without heels.. I can totally understand ur situation.. as my hubby has similar height!! ;)
    but the substitute is really nice.. :)

  • Preeti Kaur

    Looks interesting :) Bookmarked this post for future <3

  • bhumika_t have company :p

  • bhumika_t

    I hope it helps :)

  • Nivedita B

    :D :D I am 5 ft and my bf is taller than me by 1ft 2 inches :P

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