Colgate Visible White Contest- 4 winners

Colgate Visible White Contest- 4 winners

So here I am..back with a small contest..

There will be 4 winners who would win Colgate-Palmolive hampers and starting ends on Tuesday morning..i.e 2nd July,2013.

Colgate Visible White Contest- 4 winners

How to enter:

1. You need to follow blog through GFC, Bloglovin and subscribe to email updates HERE
2. Answer these two questions:
      i. What is your beauty regime like?
      ii.‘I would include Colgate Visible White because….”

Valid for Indian residents only..and prizes would be shipped by Colgate.

Good Luck 🙂

  • ishy_me

    1. I try keeping my beauty regime as simple as possible__ the regular CTM, weekly masks, bi-weekly exfoliation and drinking plenty of fluids. With my sensitive skin, doing anything harsh causes lots of burning, redness and hives__ so mild it is for me. Makeup goes minimal too__ TM, mascara, compact, a mlbb shade & hints of blush. I’m good to go 🙂

    2. I would include Colgate Visible White because I love wearing bright lippies and lots of orange-ey reds, and lately I’ve noticed my teeth stain a lot yellow, making it look gawky with lots of fuschias, oranges, and reds. Hence, time those teeth were put under the rigours too..

  • Bidisha Banerjee

    i) My Beauty Regime includes :

    1. Rubbing coffee on thighs to combat cellulite and applying baking soda and Colgate Visible White on teeth to make them whiter.

    2. Rinsing hair with raw eggs or beer to make it appear shiny and dabbing toothpaste on spots and insect bites to help to heal them.

    3. More conventional remedies to stay looking youthful include drinking plenty of water, milk and cranberry juice.

    4. Rubbing strawberries on the face to minimize the appearance of freckles and adding sugar to soap to exfoliate.

    5. Wrinkle busting tips like sleeping on your back to avoid lines on your face and using a silk pillow case.

    6. Avoid using harsh chemical cosmetics and soaps and use products made of natural ingredients. Avoid intake of oily food.

    7. Having a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and regular exercise are some other steps which I follow.

    8. Avoid using too much of makeup products and remove the makeup religiously after returning home.

    9. Use Cucumber on eyes to freshen them up and also apply Tea bags on tired eyes.

    10. Brush talcum powder through hair to freshen it up

    11. Sleep in socks filled with moisturiser for soft feet

    12. Pinching cheeks to give a natural blush

    13. Shave legs with hair conditioner

    14. Use Lemon juice on highlighted hair

    15. Apply Vaseline on eyebrows

    16. Final hair rinse in vinegar

    17. Spray hairbrush with perfume

    18. Cold teaspoons applied to eyes to reduce puffiness

    19. Using honey as a face mask

    20. Super glue broken fingers nails rather than rip them off

    21. Steam face in water with fresh herbs added

    22. Vaseline to smooth out frizzy hair

    23. Heat up eye lash curlers before using them

    24. Use Lemon juice to whiten tips of nails

    25. Pouring milk in to the bath or on skin

    26. Whitening toothpaste to get rid of fake tan on palms

    27. Mix a drop of serum with foundation to make skin glow

    28. Massage an ice-cube over your face to reduce wrinkles and acne

    29. Use the cold setting on hair dryer to set mascara

    30. Apply Tomato ketchup on hair to reverse hair dye

    31. Apply Pumpkin and coconut oil on the hair to give it a moisture boost

    32. Use Coffee as a body scrub to beat cellulite

    33. Mash up avocado and use as a body scrub

    34. Burst an evening primrose oil capsule and apply to spots to make the them heal faster

    35. Use Antihistamine to reduce flushed cheeks

    36. Rub fresh strawberries on the face to get rid of freckles

    37. Using cranberry juice to boost hair shine and enhance colour

    38. Adding peppermint oil to lip gloss to enhance pout

    39. Use Brewer’s yeast mixed with water to bleach facial hair

    40. Soot from a spent match on a make-up brush, for smoky eyes look

    41. A spritz of lemonade on damp hair to give hold and texture

    ii) I would include Colgate Visible White because it has advanced whitening accelerators – High Cleaning Silica and Polyphosphates, which remove and prevent surface stains on teeth. These whitening accelerators have been proven to provide one shade whiter teeth in just one week by brushing three times a day. In addition, it has fluorides which helps prevent cavities, freshens breath and helps reduce plaque with regular brushing.

    GFC Name : Bidisha

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    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  • Ashwini

    (i) My current Beauty Regime includes:
    1. Hot towel treatment: After applying a generous amount of hair oil, I dip a towel in hot water and wrap my hair in it for a few minutes. Repeat the steps to let the hair oil soak into the roots of your hair.
    2.Drinking lots of water to hydrate my skin.
    3. Drinking green tea: I tried giving up on regular tea completely and moving on to green tea, but I’m too big a fan of masala chai to give it up! LOL
    4. Using a satin pillowcase: Keeps my hair less tangled and makes me feel like a slumber queen. 😀

    5. Applying olive oil/almond oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows to thicken the hair density. I have arched but sparse eyebrows 🙁
    6. I try to minimise the use of make-up, and use easily removable make-up, like non-waterproof ones. I’m a 19 year old, and I believe I don’t need too much makeup right now. I’ll start using heavy cakey makeup when I hit mid-twenties. 😛

    (ii)I would include Colgate Visible White because….”

    Like I said, I’m a tea- drinker and tea tends to stain teeth a lot. And a lot of Indian foods include turmeric and other such spices which tend to stain teeth. Also I have braces on my teeth now, which means I need to be even more careful and have got to minimise staining! Plus, I love lipsticks and warm-toned lipsticks make teeth look yellow-ish. I want to be able to carry off most lipcolors easily, which is why I would like my teeth to be whiter. I’ve never used any whitening toothpaste till date, I’m hoping Colgate doesn’t let me down!

    I’ve followed you on GFC, Bloglovin and subscribed to email updates too.
    A thumbs up to Bhumika for organising this contest! Thanks so much! 🙂


  • Meenakshi Kapur

    Hi New Love Makeup

    Nice Giveaway……

    My beauty regime includes simple tips to stay healthy during the day and at night. I drink 8-10 glasses of water, start my day with drinking a glass of warm water and adding 1 juice of lemon and honey and it really helps me to stay fit and maintains digestive system, I make sure to go for a morning or for an evening walk as and when I have time, I intake fruits in my breakfast and always makes sure to have a light breakfast and light dinner, also I intake green leafy vegetables and eat salad before eating lunch and dinner so that my body get enough roughage, I cook in olive oil, brush my teeth before going to sleep, and make sure to get minimum 8 hours of sleep, apply a face pack weekly so that my skin rejuvenates and refreshes and for dark circles under my eyes, I apply potato or cucumber before going to sleep for about 5-10 minutes which provides immense relaxation to my eyes and always think positive and stay happy and share my happiness people around me 🙂

    I would include Colgate Visible White because my teeth may sparkle and shine and become white and white sparkling teeth would add up to my smile and make my smile more lovable, admirable and shiner to people and would get more compliments for my smile 🙂

    Already a follower on GFC, GFC Name: Meenakshi Kapur
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    Also, subscribed to email: long time back 🙂


    Hope to win
    Meenakshi Kapur

  • Neha Mishra

    Hi…thnx for hosting this awesome giveaway!!! Have followed ur blog via GFC,bloglovin andalso the email updates…. 🙂

    My current beauty regime is:

    I scrub twice a week..use a facepack of cucumber and rose water once a week..This makes my skin look really healthy and clear….im currntly using ponds white facewash and im loving it…Also im usin lotus herbals tea tree gel…It is really helping to keep acne away…I use aroma magic skin toner which im liking…and aloe veda’s moisturizer which is really light weight….im totally loving it… 😀

    I would include Colgate Visible White to my daily routine because a beautiful and healthy smile is essential to make u look pretty. We pay lots of attention to our skin and hair..but we must pay equal attention to our mouth….And what better than to use colgate which is the most recommended and widely used toothpaste over India… 🙂

  • Prerna Sinha

    1. My beauty regime is very simple. Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Apply sunscreen when going out. I don’t use too many make-up products. I try to use products with the least amount of chemicals and as far as possible, use organic products. Eat healthy and keep myself hydrated.

    2. I would include Colgate VW bcuz oral hygiene is very important. It looks promising and I’d sure want to give it a try.