Importance of Sunscreen

Importance of Sunscreen
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We have time and again read and heard about how important sunscreen is..check this post for the harmful effects of the sun on our skin. It ages the skin unbelievably fast.
Importance of Sunscreen

Now we cannot be 100% safe and protected..but what we can do is atleast use a good broad spectrum sunscreen.

You may even skip a moisturiser, but never a sunscreen. One should use a sunscreen according to their skin types, like gel based for oily skin or a lotion or a thicker texture for dry skin.

Some believe we do not need a sunscreen when indoors..even though we are indoors there are UVA rays passing through everything though in lesser amounts, be it your PC or laptop screens or tubelights or windows,etc..we should use a SPF 30 sunscreen atleast once a day even though indoors.

Sun blocks and sunscreens are used interchangeably..there is no such thing that can block sun rays..its just a way to market.

And lastly higher SPF does not denote more protection. SPF i.e Sun Protection Factor only denotes the time we can spend exposed to sun. Eg : If a person gets tanned in 10 minutes in the sun without sunscreen, SPF 30 would protect him for 30*10=300 minutes and SPF 50 for 50*10=500 minutes, after which he would need to reapply the sunscreen.

So never ever skip a sunscreen..cover up, wear your shades and lather up on the sunscreen before stepping out this summers..

Do you use sunscreen everyday ??

  • Dr_philamazan

    i use spf 50 ..not less than that :p