Maybelline ‘Does’nt Last Long Enough’ Contest !

Maybelline ‘Does’nt Last Long Enough’ Contest !
Be it weekends, flings, kisses, boyfriends or our shopping funds, the hottest topic out there is: “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH”
Maybelline 'Does'nt Last Long Enough' Contest !
Here’s a fun contest for you..
Girl’s, being the daily divas that we are, I want YOU to tell me if you too feel that ‘It’ doesn’t last long enough.
You need to comment below and tweet to @Maybellineindia and @bhumika_t on Twitter, with the hashtag #doesntlastlongenough
Maybelline New York India has a surprise for us..they will be revealing ‘it’ at their outdoor reveal event which is taking place on 8th Feb at @ Phoenix mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Top 3 quirkiest answers will win Maybelline need to be a follower of this blog through GFC and follow @Maybellineindia and @bhumika_t on twitter and tweet away..unlimited entries allowed..just be quirky 😉
Contest ends tom..
Good Luck 🙂

P.S: Only for Indian residents.

  • poorna banerjee

    Ick! Me first! I dont think weekends last long enough. Totally want it to last longer!

  • The moment when you scare some one to death..i wish that moment lasted a little longer so that i get to enjoy the expressions on their faces a little longer <3

    tweet link -

  • Ikya Kesiraju

    Oooh I have this going on on my blog too! 😛 But I want a chance at winning something and thats why-
    I wish my BB’s battery would last longer

  • I wish my Lipsticks lasted forever( without expiry dates 😛 ) so that I don’t have to reject them 😛

  • study syllabus in my memory brain cells #doesntlastlongenough

  • My new year resolutions #doesntlastlongenough

  • My credit card limit #doesntlastlongenough

  • My bright eyes #doesntlastlongenough if there wasn’t a Color Tattoo

  • Prachi

    I wish the glow on my face after a leanup lasts longer..:-)

  • Nupur

    Time spent away from my smartphone doesn’t last long enough 😀

  • Carol Miranda

    Help ! My WILL POWER to exercise every day #doesntlastlongenough

  • Meenakshi Kapur

    I wish my childhood could have lasted longer coz once we are grown up then we get responsibilities, tensions so I think my childhood could have lasted longer giving me a chance to be pampered a little bit more

  • Nupur
  • Nicole dsilva

    My weightloss #doesntlastlongenough

  • Nicole