Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Review

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Rag Doll, Savannah Review

Sleek MakeUP’s new range of false lashes pays homage to feline beauty with eight different lashes in the collection.
Each pair has a unique style with lashings of individuality! Formulated from natural fibres that lends a soft feel and finish.

Each pair comes with lash adhesive for easy, effective application.

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Rag Doll, Savannah Review

MRP: Rag Doll: $5.41 for each pair, Savannah: $5.83 for each pair..all are priced at either 5.41 or 5.83

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Rag Doll, Savannah Review

How to get Cat Lashed!

• Carefully lift lashes from the tray.
• Ensure that the length of the lash is appropriate to the length of your eye, and trim if necessary.
• Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the band of the eye lash. Allow the adhesive to become tacky by waiting for a few seconds.
• Apply lashes as close as possible to the natural lash line, and then gently press down on the strip. The adhesive will eventually dry clear after a few minutes.

To remove:

Hold the lashes from the outer corner and gently peel away from the lash line. Excess eye lash adhesive should be removed from the lashes with a gentle lotion before storing for future use.

I have Rag Doll and Savannah

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Rag Doll, Savannah Review

Rag Doll is described as angled, criss cross effect lashes for a unique effect.

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Rag Doll, Savannah Review

Savannah is described as full, elongated lashes for extra length.

I love the look of Rag Doll..criss cross plus lengthens at the ends giving more volume and length at the corners for that fluttery effect.

Also it comes with added you can carry it anywhere..if there was one small applicator thing included too, it would be a complete kit.

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Rag Doll, Savannah Review

I tried Rag Doll..sorry it came off from inner corners and does not look neat..the glue dries super fast..and once dried it just does not stay..and they claim it dries clear..but it did can clearly see the dried remnants of glue..I would have liked a clear or black glue..and also that sticked and stayed well.

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Rag Doll, Savannah Review

The glue is not that good..I love the lashes though…I am still in search of a good eyelash glue..any reccos ??

Overall these are quite good lashes in terms of quality..they are made from natural fibres..give quite a natural feel and look too. And there are eight different varieties to choose from..You can buy them HERE

Do you use false eyelashes ? What glue do you use ?

P.S: PR Sample.

  • Lee_Bee

    the glue looks so similar to the basicare ones which i love..Duo lash glue is the best..u can easily get it from cherryculture or porkdaisy

  • Megha

    Lashes r looking lovely on your eyes Bhumika!

  • wow Bhumi they added an awesome oopmh to ur eyes

  • bhumika_t

    Ya I know about Duo..but currently nothing to order from was searching something available here..

  • bhumika_t

    Glad u liked..

  • bhumika_t

    I loved the Rag Doll ones…I just wish the glue was a lil better..

  • i am scared to use fake lashes..these look tempting