How to Take a Flattering Photograph

How to take a flattering photograph (of the face)

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Photograph’s allow us to look back on memories and serve as a time machine for the years’ to come. Often, when a photo isn’t that great of us, people describe themselves as extremely un-photogenic, however the truth is that the person taking your photograph most probably isn’t very good, or is in-experienced as to capture you at your most beautiful.

How to Take a Flattering Photograph

Today, then, we are going to offer a quick guide and ways in which you can take a flattering photograph of the face, as this is where most photograph complaints happen: red eye, eyes being closed, murky shadows, bags under the eyes – all of these things plus more serve to create a less than ideal photograph however with the right techniques, you can capture wonderful photographs.
Without further ado, then, let’s begin: how to take a flattering photograph of the face.


How many people look dull as dishwater in a photograph? A lot, and it’s all because they fail to smile. A smile is a natural expression, and triggers something wonderful: it increases the amount of moisture produced in the eyes, and shapes them, perfect for a photograph. By smiling, you or your subject will look beautiful and completely natural also. This is also a part of relaxation, which leads me on to our second tip.

Get your subject to relax (or relax yourself)

This is the most important part to any photograph. Ideally, you want to capture people when they look their most natural, and for this you need them to relax. Models and actors regularly practice poses in the mirror, as well as expressions, so your subject or yourself should do the same. Try different smiles, take test photographs, and practice before you take that single perfect shot.

Fiddle your cameras settings

If you regularly use a smartphone to take photograph’s of yourself, you are treated to apps like Instagram and photo editing settings to make a photo better than it really is. For compact cameras, however, here are some do’s and don’ts: A flash can wash a subject’s face out hugely and whilst this may be great if you or your subject is spotty, it can serve to make you look like a ghost. As well as this, try to keep your camera still, so that blur does not occur. Ideally, use a small tripod.

An interesting background can make any photo much better

Any image can be edited after it has been taken to increase its exposure, add a filter or decrease saturation, however a background cannot be added, unless you are a Photoshop guru. For this reason an interesting background is a must, even if you are just taking a photograph of one’s face. A blank canvas may seem artsy or hip, however an interesting background, such as a beautiful landscape or well decorated room can transform a subject.

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