5 Things to Prepare For A Night Out With Friends

5 Things to Prepare For A Night Out With Friends

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When it comes to a night out, for most girls the planning and preparation is half of the fun. So how do you ensure you’re all ready for the perfect night out?

5 Things to Prepare For A Night Out With Friends

1) Shopping for a new outfit

A night out with the girls offers the perfect excuse to go shopping for a new outfit. Looking for a new party dress and shoe combo is loads of fun, especially hunting for the perfect accessorise to create a new look. Take your friends along for an honest opinion.

Times are tight, so if you haven’t got the cash for a new outfit don’t worry, customising an existing one will do the trick just as well and often all it takes is a new belt or necklace to give your old favourite some extra sparkle.

Top tip: If you really can’t afford to buy a new outfit, then get your friends round and organise an outfit swapping session. You’ll be amazed at what borrowing a different top or some great accessories can do to your look. Plus, it’s completely free!

2) Taking a nice relaxing soak

A hot bath or shower is essential before a big night out. Feel clean and fabulous with a toasty bubble bath to soothe your feet, after all you’ll be doing a lot of dancing later. Remember to shave and moisturise if you’re wearing a skirt or dress, there’s nothing worse than forgetting to do so and only remembering about it when you’re out! Sit back with a glass of bubbly and take some time to relax, it’s going to be a great night.

Top tip: To really relax, create a chilled out playlist and have it on whilst you’re in the bath. Pure bliss!

3) Going to a beauty parlour

For a big night out its essential to have the right hair, nails and eyebrows. Getting yourself primped and gorgeous is loads of fun, go with your girlfriends and catch up on the latest gossip, or simply take a magazine along and enjoy some uninterrupted you time.

Looking after yourself will improve your confidence and make you feel radiant. Every girl deserves a treat from time to time, so if you’re feeling the need for some pampering head down to your nearest beauty parlour and indulge! While you’re there, why not opt for an additional treatment such as a massage too?

Top tip: If you’re in the area, look for beauty parlours in Chennai which participate in voucher deals, and you could save yourself some money as well !

4) Make up and fashion consultations

Invite your friends over to get ready. Not only can they help you picking out the right outfit, but you can share makeup and nail varnish, and have a catch up while you’re getting ready. You might even opt for a fancy dress theme night, if you’re short of ideas try Disney characters, superheroes, or celebrities!

It’s much easier to do someone else’s make-up than your own so try learning a new technique on your friend, if it goes wrong it’s easy to amend, just make sure you’ve got some face wipes!

Top tip: As well as getting friends to help out with your make-up you can also get them to do your nails. We all know how hard it is to paint them with the wrong hand, but get your friends to help and you can have ten perfect nails with no problems

5) Pre-party drinks and music

By now you should be feeling fabulous. Before you go remember to crack open the bubbly while you’re waiting for the taxi to arrive. Stick on some tunes and get dancing. If you’re feeling in the mood for some fun bring out the karaoke or guitar hero. This is a great time to plan the forthcoming evening with your friends and work out which bars and clubs you’re going to. Finally, arrange a place to meet if you get separated and give your mobile a final charge!

Top tip: Don’t drink too much while you’re getting ready – you don’t want to ruin your night out before it’s even started! Limit yourself to a glass or two, and head out able to enjoy your evening to the max!

You’ve now done everything you can to prepare for a great night on the tiles. Now get your party shoes on and have a blast!

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