Everyday Tips for Growing Long, Healthy Hair

Everyday Tips for Growing Long, Healthy Hair
Some everyday tips which we at times ignore, and that does affect our mane.
Everyday Tips for Growing Long, Healthy Hair

Do not over-wash your hair

Many think that they should be washing their hair every day, when, in fact, every other day is best for your hair. Otherwise, you risk stripping your precious strands of the vital natural oils that they need to keep their moisture and strength. If you want to get rid of greasiness between washings, consider purchasing a dry shampoo. On the days you do a complete wash, Use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to build strength and restore moisture. It is important not to compromise quality for price when it comes to conditioner, because it really does make a difference.

Use a leave-in conditioner

It can be very beneficial when you are trying to grow long hair. It adds a layer of protection you your locks, and makes combing wet hair effortless. This reduces hair breakage significantly, which leads to healthier and longer hair. One leave-in conditioner that works really well is “Let It Be” leave-in conditioner by TIGI.

Avoid heat styling

If you feel like you must heat style, use a heat tamer or heat shield product. It is also important to use blow driers, curling irons, and straighteners at the lowest heat setting possible for the effect you are trying to achieve, and never apply heat for an extended amount of time to one particular part of your hair. When purchasing your heat styling tools, it is better to purchase brand-name products. They may cost a little more, but many of them have unique designs intended to cause less damage to the hair than their cheaper counterparts.

Protect your hair from your surroundings

Your everyday environment can be one of your hair’s worst enemies. Things like extreme cold, wind, humidity, and pollution can all lead to broken, brittle, and damaged hair. Take precautions like wearing a hat if you plan on spending the day in the sun, and always make sure your hair is completely dry before going out in cold weather. There are a variety of different treatments that are made to protect hair from these stresses, and also many to repair damage that has already been done. Products containing keratin have been found to be very beneficial in protecting and treating damaged hair, and many believe Moroccan oil is even better. Another time that hair is subjected to stress is while you are sleeping. Tossing and turning on the pillow can cause friction that leads to hair breakage. It is a good idea to use a satin pillow case, and if your hair is very long, secure it into a loose braid or consider wearing a hair net to bed.

Do NOT brush your hair when wet

Brush your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. When hair is wet, it is very elastic and easily causes breakage.

Get rid of the split ends

You may want to visit your local salon if you have any split ends. Do this about every six to eight weeks. Doing so will make your hair appear much healthier.

Brush your hair and/or stimulate your scalp

Stimulating blood flow to your scalp is another proven way to speed up the growth process as well. Massage your scalp while conditioning for 2-5 minutes. However, take care to brush your hair with soft bristles and not to brush too often. Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp, but it also can cause breakage and will pull healthy hair from your head, making your hair look thinner.

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