Lakme Hair Serenity Service (Straight Hair with Cysteine) Review, Photos

Lakme Hair Serenity Service (Straight Hair with Cysteine) Review, Photos

Lakme Hair Serenity Service (Straight Hair with Cysteine) Review, Photos

Ok..when I got the opportunity to try the Hair Serenity Service at Lakme Salons, I was a little wary since its semi permanent..and I have never colored, treated or done anything to my fact blow drying and straightening is also very I find that a little torcherous for the I had to do my small little research..

I had shared about Hair Serenity before here and the difference between this and Keratin treatments..

I found out more and sharing with you guys here..

Why is Formaldehyde Dangerous?
Understanding the Reasoning
The danger comes when formaldehyde comes in contact with our bodies. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, but it’s so much more than that. Exposure to formaldehyde can lead to skin, eye, nasal and throat irritation, respiratory illnesses and severe allergic reactions, even from small, unspecified amounts found in products like a keratin treatment. This can lead to headaches, fertility problems in women, lesions on the body, abdominal aches, vomiting and even death. Obviously, a chemical that in small to moderate quantities can lead to a variety of health issues is bound to create some controversy. That’s why there are regulations on formaldehyde in everything from building materials to your everyday hair products.

Why You Should Go Formaldehyde-Free
Be simply inhaling formaldehyde fumes, both you and your stylist are exposed to higher risks of lung cancer.
While formaldehyde treatments had ecstatic customers singing its praises, plenty of women experienced dramatic hair loss from the treatment.
Formaldehyde is a dangerous, carcinogenic substance and should not be used lightly.

About Cysteine: Luckily, a new generation of hair straightening treatments have come along that are safer and more cost effective than previous keratin treatments. One treatment, known as cysteine Brazilian therapy came out fairly recently in the middle of 2011.

As the name implies, this straightening treatment is also from Brazil, but it is not a keratin straightening treatment. Instead, the treatment uses a naturally occurring, essential amino acid called cysteine to straighten the hair, making it a safer treatment than formaldehyde based straighteners. Cysteine is also more naturally absorbent, eliminating the need for a formaldehyde coating to seal the product in. As a result, this hair straightening treatment doesn’t contain any complicated chemical formulas that keratin treatments require.

How It Works: Cysteine & Its Effects
As far as treatment goes, cysteine Brazilian therapy is considered semi-permanent at best. However, several professionals state that treatments containing cysteine instead of keratin can, in fact, last between two and three months minimum.

Overall, cysteine provides a safer options for those looking for straighter tresses. Everyone, from type 3s and 4s to pregnant women, can use this formaldehyde-free hair straightening treatment.

So after being convinced that it won’t affect my hair (I am a little finicky about my hair), I tried to give it a I went to Lakme Salon in Mulund..

The first step being consultation with the expert..I bombarded him with questions..the usual me still having some doubts :p My biggest concern was whether the new hair that grows would be normal..and would the huge difference show up..I don’t like that half curly half straight look..and he said this does not go inside the roots of hair..and is just used over the hair..and the effect fades away slowly and the whole hair is normal as before again in around 3 I was relieved..this is not straightening..its just smoothening hair and relaxing the frizz..the overall effect is very natural..since my hair is naturally straight with some waviness at the was not a dramatic difference for me..or such that someone would point out that I have got my hair straightened..

Step 1: Hair is washed thrice with a clarifying shampoo..

Lakme Hair Serenity Service (Straight Hair with Cysteine) Review, Photos

Step 2: Hair is blow dried and the Cysteine Complex is applied on each strand on 80% dry hair.

Lakme Hair Serenity Service (Straight Hair with Cysteine) Review, Photos

Step 3: The hair is wrapped with thin cling and kept for 35-40 minutes.

Lakme Hair Serenity Service (Straight Hair with Cysteine) Review, PhotosLakme Hair Serenity Service (Straight Hair with Cysteine) Review, Photos

Step 4: Each strand is then blow dried..and then ironed with a flat iron..there are some fumes..but not much..

Lakme Hair Serenity Service (Straight Hair with Cysteine) Review, Photos

Step 5: Hair is supposed to be relaxed for 20 minutes. And then they are again washed..and a conditioner and serum are applied.

Step 6: Hair is then blow dried again without the heat..just to style and the acai oil is applied.

And tadaa..its done !!

Here is a short video to show the procedure:

The whole process takes around 3-4 hours depending on the length and thickness of hair as each strand is to be worked on individually.

They use the Amazon Series Range for the whole procedure..It was called Cysteine Infusion before..and they have named it Hair Serenity now..

The cost: Rs. 6499/- for below shoulder hair
Rs. 7499/- for above shoulder hair
Both excluding 12.36% service tax..

Ya its expensive..but the effect stays for 2 months..and it all safe and natural plus does not damage the hair during or after in any which ways..

Post treatment care: I have been told to use Sulfate Free here goes my SLS shampoos for the time being..I am going to use Vedantika and Neev..thinking of getting the Lass Naturals Range..

I did surely recommend the hair serenity service for people who want natural looking, frizz free, straighter manageable hair without the side effects or after effects of formaldehyde..

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P.S: Services were offered by the brand but it has not affected my opinion. My hair are more precious to me than anything :p

  • lalitha

    hi bhumika .i am from hyderabad,facing hairfall and dry hair. but i dont have much volume in my hair .its just below shoulders and wavy. should i go ahead? will it damage my already weak hair? 🙁

    • bhumika_t

      Hi Lalitha, No it won’t damage your hair..even I was facing hair fall..this procedure did not increase it..but just that the effect would stay around 1.5 to max 2 months..not later..

  • mohana priya

    hi…i want the effect permanently…is it possible

    • bhumika_t

      No, its not possible..

  • Pooja

    Hi Bhumika .. did you ever re-do the treatment? wud u still recommend it after almost 2 years? My stylist at Lakme has been after my life to do this.. i wanted to get my frizz under control..

    Like U, I have never done any chemical treatment or styling on my hair.. not even temporary straightening .. cos I worry abt the after effects.
    Do let me know

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Pooja, No I have’nt redone it..but would’nt mind redoing it.It does’nt harm hair at all..and you won’t even realize when you hair is back to normal..definitely helps control frizz & hair is smoother. But sadly the effect stays just 1.5-2 months..but no after effects, don’t worry 🙂

      • Pooja

        hmmmm thanks!! This really helps !

        • bhumika_t

          I am glad 🙂

          • Namrata

            Hi bhumika… I have done this cysteine treatment from Lakme thakur complex…. and m planning to use organix Brazilian shampoo… u think it’s good investment after the treatment..?

          • bhumika_t

            I think it should work fine, though I believe they are not SLS free. If you looking for SLS free ones, you can try Body Shop Rainforest Range.

          • Neeharika Neehar

            R u sure organix is not sls free?

  • Dhwani Pandurangi

    Hi pooja, i have just did this last week but couldnt see much difference in frizz control or hair fall or hair shine. I have contacted the salon and they asked me to go again for hair analysis.

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Dhwani, This treatment is not meant for hair fall anyways. It is just for straighter, sleeker hair. It should have helped with frizz, not sure why it dint work on frizziness. But, do you have too much volume ? And is that under control now ?

  • sneha

    hi i had just done this treatment almost a month back but now evry time i wash my hair i get splitends the ends of my hair gets dry and looks like a broom please help

    • bhumika_t

      Are you sure you did the Cysteine one and not the Keratin one ? Coz this is without the harmful effects of Keratin..and also do you use a SLS free shampoo ?

    • krinjal

      hi sneha, i too want to try this cysteine but have no idea . will it affect my hair after few months, can you please share your experience and guide me should i go for cysteine or just an hair spa will do.
      Please help me out with this.

  • Amber

    hey bhumika
    Will there be a difference in the original texture of the hair once this treatment’s effect washes of?? or will the hair be exactly back to normal?k

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Amber, the hair would be exactly back to normal..transitioning slowly 🙂

      • Dipika

        Hey Bhumika

        Hi needed sum help in hair matter
        I had done smoothing plus cycstine yes i know i did wrong that guy burnt my hair as i dint have knowledge but not even 15 days and i did cycstine just after smoothing now a month bk i did cycstine again i m happy with 60 percent results but my hair not like before its dry n frizzy so kindly help in wat shud i use in shampoo conditionr or any treatment beside cycstine to go back to normal non frizzy hair plz help

        • bhumika_t

          Hi Dipika, you can use serums and Leave-in to control somewhat frizz. Also go for oiling and deep conditioning to reduce dryness. For shampoo post Cysteine, I will recommend the new Wella Pro Elements Range, it is perfect for coloured and treated hair. I have the review and launch post here on the blog 🙂

          • Dipika

            I was advised no spa no oiling but its been a month now can I start and can wat exactly is deep conditioning is it spa or the salons wud know it 🙂

          • bhumika_t

            Yes deep conditioning is hair spa, you can either do at home or at a salon. They will apply the serum & mask on each strand of hair.

  • mahi

    Hey bhoomika nyc article.. I naturally hve very wavy/curly hair… ll dis treatment make my hair straigh? ?

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Mahi, I have naturally wavy hair too downwards and yes it does make them straight but giving a natural look 🙂

      • mahi

        Hey its very wavy.. mre lyk curly hair… right from d scalp to tip… so wil it work… I also heard dis treatment ltr causes a lot of hairfall. .

        • bhumika_t

          Hey Mahi, I am not sure of the results on very curly hair, just check with the salon once. But no hairfall at all with Cysteine, Keratin is the one which may give hairfall.

  • Amrita

    Hi Bhumika,
    I’m going for this treatment this week at Lakmé salon. I have excessively frizzy and coarse curly hair and Rebonding it twice have damaged it much(read split ends and hairfall). This time I want to achieve a sleek and straighter look sans the chemicals. Will this treatment fit the bill? Will it give me straight and frizz free look?! Also, after the treatment effect fades away,will there be an improvement in the hair condition?
    Much thanks in advance!

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Amrita, So you will achieve the sleeker look sans the chemicals with it, but the effect fades away in 1-1.5 months and no it won’t improve your hair condition as such after the treatment fades away. Your hair would be back to the way they were 🙂

    • Roli

      I too had extremely frizzy and dry hair. washing was a pain as after each was i had to either blow dry or iron to make it straight. But my hair is 75% straight and no frizz after the treatment. if i hve to go out i just have to lightly blow dry or 2 mins of ironing and it looks wonderful. Hair fall has drastically reduced. I too had gone for straightening and re-bonding earlier, which spoilt my hair. but this one looks great so far. even this works for two months , i think its a great relief for me.

      • Swati Hariharan

        Dis is swati
        I have split endsnd curly ,dried hair and i want to do permanent straightening is it works

        • bhumika_t

          No, this is not permanent and for split ends, have to cut them

  • Iris Tung

    hi were did u get the sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

    • bhumika_t

      I think I used Soultree or Omved. Both are natural brands. Also The Body Shop Rainforest Range is a good SLS free range.

  • Akanksha

    Is it done in all lakme salons ??? Does it give any volume to the hair… Can u please give the address where you got it done

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Akanksha, Yes its done in almost all Lakme Salons. I got it done from the Vikas Paradise Lakme Salon in Mulund. It does not give extra volume, but only what you normally have.

  • mini

    Hey..hi..dese days my hair falls like anything..its giving terrible feeling..and its damaged tooo…looking for a hair treatment..can you just me one that may be meant to treat both the falling and damaged hair..

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Mini, Actually this is not an ideal treatment for hair fall, coz the purpose for getting cysteine done is straighter hair without damage. This wont help with your hair fall problem. I suggest visit a doc who would probably prescribe you some iron, multi vitamins tablets for hair fall.

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  • Deepa

    Hi Bhumika… Thanks for your blog as it helped me make decision whether to go for this or not. I finally gave this a shot at one of the Lakme Salons in Bangalore this weekend. I had curly and frizzy hair which are now smooth and soft after Cysteine hair treatment.

    However, the stylist who did this treatment has asked me to take care for first 10-15 days like not to wear helmet, or use tight hairbands/clutchers, etc. as it will leave mark on my hair. She even told me to use hair dryer after every wash and not to sun-dry. Can you please advise if I really need to take care like this? Specially about the helmet and dryer. As I am not comfortable using dryer daily on my hair and commute on my scooter everyday for office.

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Deepa, yes not using hair band or a tight clutcher is important as the hair would take that shape,you can tie very loosely though. I used a handkerchief but just for 2-3 days,then its fine to use anything. Also you can absolutely sun dry. I rarely used a hair dryer,no worries.

    • Runika Mathur

      Hi Deepa
      Please let us know which Lakme salon branch you visited in Bangalore for the Cysteine hair treatment?


  • Urvashi

    Hi Madhuri.. Can u tell me Dr. Nadkarni’s consultation and treatment charges..?

    • Madhuri

      Hi Urvashi.. I think it’s about Rs. 500 per sitting.. You will see effect from 1st or second sitting..

  • radhikka22

    Hey bhumika… I read ur article.. my hair is very much similar to yours… Straight with waves towards d ends… I’ve been contemplating over hair straightening a lot past few months.. At Iosis hair salon I was suggested the keratin treatment, but I heard pretty unsatisfactory reviews n hence din go for it… Now this cysteine thing has come up… U did it how many months back, I mean sure initially it must’ve looked good but i wanna know how’s d hair looking towards d end of this effect.. Does it go back to normal like before treatment or quality gone down? Or is it so that have to repeat this treatment?? Please guide…Will be of great help… Thanks..

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Radhika, Do not go for keratin ever. Cysteine is much much better, keratin will harm your hair. I did it long back in 2012 when Cysteine was new. Hair goes back to normal, to how it was before. No quality does not go down. It would be as it was before the treatment 🙂 You do not compulsorily have to repeat it unless you wish to.

  • Amruta

    Hi Bhumika..
    After reading your article I am planning to go for this treatment. I have dry hair with lots of splits not only at the end but even from the roots also my hair has good thickness at the roots but very thin towards the end. Will this treatment help me? I am worried it may look odd.

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Amruta, I would advise cutting of some of the split ends from the ends atleast before going for this treatment..not sure if it would help with split ends since I have not experienced that personally. But the overall health of the hair does improve and hair looks better with it.

  • SK

    this article is a rip off from another website.. check this out.. some originality woman!!!!

    • bhumika_t

      Sneha, if you can read English, I have clearly mentioned ‘I found some more info’ which is the mid part of the article. This post is more about the process involved and my experience of cysteine. And also I have clearly mentioned the ‘Source’ below! Read the whole thing before commenting or blaming anyone!!

  • aanchal

    Hi bhumika… I recently got cysteine treatment from a lakme saloon in Bangalore.. Right after the treatment my hair felt so smooth and looked was all sleek… Btw I originally had shoulder length hair which were Lil wavy/ curly towards the end. After first wash my hair almost went back to its usual Lil wavy self And slight frizz.. So very dissapointed… Can’t tell you. I spoke to the person who did my treatment but she was like this is all we get outta this treatment… Soft hair… No sleek feel only frizz control.. Is it true am wondering… What exactly happens after first wash at home!!!

  • Ciya Verma

    It’s pathetic treatment u can get for your hair.. After one wash all I got was my hair looking all frizzy. Please don’t spend on this worthless treatment.

    • bhumika_t

      Hi Ciya, From where did you get it done? It worked for me, one of my friend, one of my friend’s mom and many others I know.

  • Amruta Deshpande

    Hey bhumika, i wanted to ask yu can i go for beach wave styling instead of straightening my hair after cysteine complex treatment..?

    • bhumika_t

      Hey Amruta, I don’t think so. It’s a step by step process for straightening and beach waves won’t work with this. You can try permanent perming or something like that which would be a different procedure altogether.

      • Amruta Deshpande

        Would perming suit wid this cysteine thing..?

        • bhumika_t

          No, not with this. Perming separately.

          • Amruta Deshpande

            Alright. Thanks!

  • Roli

    I got this treatment done about two weeks back. I too had extremely frizzy and dry hair. washing was a pain as after each was i had to either blow dry or iron to make it straight. Now, my hair is 75% straight and no frizz after the treatment. if i hve to go out i just have to lightly blow dry or 2 mins of ironing and it
    looks wonderful. Hair fall has drastically reduced. I too had gone for straightening and re-bonding earlier, which spoilt my hair. but this one looks great so far. even this works for two months , i think its a
    great relief for me.
    Am so happy I want to know if i can get this done on a regular basis, say every three months. Will this have any damaging impact on my hair if I do very frequently?

    • bhumika_t

      Hi Roli, since this treatment helps hair in a way, it won’t harm and you can do it regularly I believe. Still I would suggest keep a gap of 4-5 months in between treatments 🙂

      • Roli

        Hey Thanks So much. One more question Bhumika, can i add egg or curd to my hair for the home made hair conditioning. now that i cant oil, wanted to do something to retain the moisture in my hair.

        • bhumika_t

          Ya you can use curd or egg but make sure it is very smoothly blended or will stick to your hair, also egg smell needs to go later 😀 Try deep conditioning masks such as L’Oreal Hair Spa and L’Oreal Professionel Absolute Repair Lipidium, I have reviewed the latter on the blog. Those are amazing.

  • bhumika_t

    No issues, yes yes you can, at least the hair spa, can avoid the scalp if you don’t feel like 🙂

  • bhumika_t

    Hi Surbhi, no idea why that happened. I and all the close people who have got it done, really like it and have also done it 2-3 times again.

    • Surbhi

      Hiii bhumika may i know what kind of a hair texture you have. You must be having thick hair. Iv read it somewhere that this treatment is not good for thin hair and i have thinnest and lightest hair. My hair are so fine i cant explain but thankfully they are dense. Thats why people feel i have thick hair

  • Neeharika Neehar

    Oiling is not advisable after tht

  • Neeharika Neehar


  • sharu

    hi… my hair is curly… its rough..2 yrs bfr i did smoothening nd nw my hair bcame littl relaxd… evn new hair doesnt luk tht curly….wht i wana knw is.. wht hapns aftr 2 mnth of cysteine treatmnt… it vl jst go bck to rough n frizzy hair state

    • bhumika_t

      It will go back to how it was before cysteine

  • Nikita

    Hi..Im planning to get the Cysteine treatment done. I have extremely dry hair and it is quiet curly too..yes i do have a big bunch of hair. I have straightening(permanent) 7 times, which has destroyed my hair a lot. Well now the whole thing is grown off. Now i frequently use the straightner or the blow dryer to control my hair. With the use of all the heat , the hair has lost all its shine and just looks like a hay stack. I am just worried that, after the treatment would my hair feel limp and completely laid down because that is not the look i want. I just want to control frizz and look natural. Please suggest. I plan to do it in the Lakme Saloon in Bangalore.

    • bhumika_t

      Your hair will be back to how it is, it will not change anything. It’s a temporary solution

  • Farheen

    I hv recently dwn with dis treatmnt…cn i try homr remedies n packs for my hair aftr 15 days…n is it necessary to use conditioner aftr every wash aftr dis treatmnt…n for many days dis effect remains…n will it promote my hair growth

  • Farheen

    Hey for how mny days d effect stays

  • Farheen

    Cn i try home remedies aftr 15 days on my hair…n does oiling my hair aftr 15 days of treatmnt is ok? Does it help to promote hair growh.

    • bhumika_t

      Oiling, home remedies all can be done. Effect stays 2-2.5 months. Conditioner after every wash is good for hair even in general, coz the ends don’t get moisture