Himalaya Gentle Refreshing Toner Review

Himalaya Gentle Refreshing Toner Review
What the Company claims: A special blend of herbs that controls excess oil secretion and makes your skin oil-free. It is enriched with Lemon and Jasmine which refresh and cool your skin, Sensitive Plant extracts that control excess oil secretion, and Sweet Marjoram that nourishes the skin, to keep it healthy and radiant.Directions: After using Himalaya Herbals Deep Cleansing Milk, pour a few drops of Gentle Refreshing Toner on a cotton pad and wipe thoroughly over your face and neck.
Himalaya Gentle Refreshing Toner Review

Pack Size: Gentle Refreshing Toner is available in a pack size of 100ml.

Composition: Gentle Refreshing Toner contains the following ingredients:

Jasminum sambac (Jasmine, Jati) is cooling and valued in aiding the healing oily, sensitive and irritated skin.

Mimosa pudica (Sensitive Plant, Lajjalu) has styptic activity, anti-inflammatory and good for dry and injured skin.

Origanum majorana (Marjoram, Marubaka) has antibacterial, antifungal, soothing, refreshing and healing properties.

Citrus limon (Lemon, Nimbuka) has antibacterial, astringent and cell-regenerative properties. It helps to refresh the skin and improves toning.

Himalaya Gentle Refreshing Toner Review

MRP: Rs.70/- for 100ml

Its a transparent alcohol free toner..has a very light smell. It has this small nozzle like opening for the product to come out.

Himalaya Gentle Refreshing Toner Review


1. Works nicely in keeping pores tightened and keeping skin oil free.
2. Handy to use and carry.
3. Economically priced.
4. Alcohol free.
5. Has herbal ingredients.
6. Gives a cooling effect.


1. Skin comes back to normal in a few hours..so the effect does not stay for long.
2. Has parabens.
3. Would not bring in any much of a change in the skin.

Overall its a decent toner..good for keeping skin toned and matte for a few hours..but does not show any much of a change in the skin.


Quality: 3.25/5
Value for money: 3.75/5
Availability: 4/5

Overall Rating: 3.75/5

Would I buy it again: May be

P.S: Product sent by brand for review but it has not affected my opinion.

  • i too find it nice, but not repurchasing again

  • @anshita: Ya its like ok..

  • I have used this and suited my skin well

  • nice review but somehow it didnt suit me

  • I love this brand, I used it when I was travelling around India and I think it´s amazing! thanks for sharing!

  • What you think, it will be a great gift for my girlfriend?

  • i used it long back..nd it made my skin super oily lol 😀 didnt wrk for me 🙁

  • i don’t use toners that much … thanks for d review …

  • @shri: Ya..it does suit me too..
    @allaboutladies: U oily skinned ? Thats why may be..
    @radu: Ya why not..
    @silvia: Ya I quite like Himalaya products..
    @ups: U oily skin na..this thing stops oil from skin for a few hrs and then skin secretes all the more oil..many faced this issue..
    @rids: I have started using toners more few months back..

  • It was terrible on me, broke me out so badly 🙁

  • @keerthi: oh is it..? worked neutral for me..

  • i use cleanser but i think it not for me.tq

  • Nice review 🙂